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Q: What are the grades you need to have to pass 7th grade?
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Do you have to pass the seventh grade math TAKS?

NO you do not have to pass the 7th grade task. but you need to pass all of your classes in order to move on. at the end of the year your grades will be averaged and if you fail TWO you will go to summer school and retake the task and if you fail it that time you will repeat the 7th grade.

Can a 17 year old be a 7th grader?

yes they can cause if they dont pass a grade they get held back but to be a 17 year old in grade 7 they would have to not pass many grades.

Your right you have in the classroom in seventh grade?

u can pass 7th grade by u keepin ur grades up nd ignorinq dummies in ur class

Do you need to pass the task test 6th grade to go to 7th grade?

obviously..... yes

Can you pass the 7th grade with 2 D's?

Yes, as long as you have okay grades as well as the 2 D's. Hope this helps!

What grades are Phineas and Ferb in?

In 7th grade

Hey im in 7th grade right now and my grades are slipping what type of grades do you need o be a dental assistant or does it not matter?

Hello! You are in seventh grade! grades dont matter till ninth:) check another website.

What grades are Jem and Scout in on chapter 26?

scout is in 3rd grade and jem is in 7th grade

If i dont have the best grades now and i want to be a dental assistant im in seventh grade would bad grades enable me to be one?

no because you are in 7th grade and you grades can go up, remember you are still in 7th grade so dont worry

How can you get good grades in 7th grade fast?

study for the next test and get an A+ on it which will raise your grade

How do you get from seventh grade to eighth?

If you wish to pass 7th grade and enter 8th grade, do well in your statewides.. Math and ELA.. I think if you get below 2s on either.. or will be held back.(also bad/good grades)

how do i bring my grades up in 7th grade?

study be confident