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Q: What are the kinds of rational and informational appeals?
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What are the kinds of texts?

The three kinds of text are informational text, functional text and ETC...

What writing containing convincing information and appeals to logic or emotion?


What are the different kinds of emotional appeals?

if you are stress in your work!

What are the kinds of description?

Descriptive language that appeals to the senses (apex)

Who is the most responsive to rational appeals?

Ministry of food were responsible for rations and most food imports.

Is a fraction a rational number?

There are many different kinds of fractions, some rational and some irrational.

What are the different kinds of appeals filed before the appeallet courts?

There are appeals claiming that there were legal errors in the conduct of a trial, and that but for those errors, the outcome would have been different. For a detailed explanation of the appeals process, see the related link below.

What are the two kinds of paragraph by process?

There are two types of process: directional and informational. Both types of processes involve steps in time order. Directional process tells a reader how to do something while informational process tells a reader how something happens.

What kinds of problems can you solve by adding the different types of rational numbers?

There is only one type of rational number so there are no different types which you can add.

How do you spell informational?

Informational is the correct spelling.

Why are immature kids obsessed with minecraft?

It's a popular game that appeals to many kinds of people, including 'immature kids'.

How can you use informational in a sentence?

The webite is very informational