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Q: What are the laws of indices in maths?
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When to use simultaneous method in indices maths?

For a complete guide on when to use simultaneous method in indices maths visit

Where can one find a guide about indices maths?

Information on indices maths can be found on the Laerd Mathematics website. There are many examples of formulas which one may find informative and useful.

Why do the 5 laws of indices always work?

Because:that is how indices are defined, andif they did not always work, they would not be called laws.

What does the maths word indices mean?

Indices is the plural of index. In mathematics, the index most commonly refers to the exponent or a degree of an nth root.

What are maths indices?

In maths indices are little superscript numbers that are powers, ie they tell you how many times to multiply the base number by itself. eg in 103 the 3 is the index (singular of indices) which tells you to multiply 10 by itself thrice, ie 103 = 10 x 10 x 10 = 1000.

Is there a term indeci in maths meaning something like exponent?

Index (plural indices).

What is the component of laws of exponent?

The components are the bases and the indices (powers).

What does bid maths stand for?

If it is BIDMAS you want then it means: B brackets I indices D divide M multiply A addition S subtract

Where did bidmas come from?

some person probally thought ow lets create bidmas it goes into maths lovely brakets indices division multiplication addition subtraction

What is any number raised to the power of one the answer is the number itself?

It is a true statement that can be derived easily from the laws of powers (or indices).

Plural of indices?

The word "indices" is already plural, so the plural form is still the same word. The singular form is "index", e.g. One index, two indices, 24 indices, 1,000 indices.

Is indices singular and plural?

"indices" is plural of "index".