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Q: What are the main structure and function and role of the skin in relation to hairdressing?
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Is the main function of a cell wall to store cardohydratesto give cell a rigid structure to pack protiensor to carry out photosynthsis?

The main function of a plant cell wall is to give the cell a rigid structure.

What cell main function is to provide insulation and structure for neurons?

myelin sheath

What is the function of fuslage of an airplane?

The fuselage is the main structure that holds the cockpit and passenger areas.

What is the structure and function of the tricuspid valve?

The main function of the tricuspid valve is to prevent back flow of the blood into the right atrium. The structure consists of 3 leaflets and 3 papillary muscles.

The primary function of the nucleolus?

the primary function of the nucleolus is in cellular division

Structures on maple trees at certain times of the year will be change.What is the main function of structure?


What is the main function of skeletal system in relation to the muscular system?

the skeletal system gives the places of joints for the muscular system.

Why is the main function of your mouth chewing?

It is because when your jaw moves it moves the structure of your mouth and it helps you to eat.

Function to move an entire cell?

Flagellum main function is to move cells in organisms. Flagellum is a hair like structure and can be found in eukaryotic and prokaryotic cells.

What kind of diagram graphically illustrates the structure of a program?

A flowchart is used to illustrate the logic of the program. To illustrate the structure we typically use a hierarchical tree, where the main function serves as the root.

According to psychoanalytic theory the main function of the in the personality structure is to allow the individual to balance the demands of society against personal needs.?


What is the function of main engine?

Main propulsion is the function of the marine main engine.