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Q: What are the math operations possible on Digital storage oscilloscope?
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What is the difference between cathode ray oscilloscope and digital storage oscilloscope?

CRO means cathode ray oscilloscope. The Cathode Ray tube is the display mechanism only. A CRO can be a digital or analog scope, with or without digital storage. A digital storage scope can use a CRO as the display mechanism, or it can use a LCD screen, or any other method. There was a type of Cathode Ray tube that used analog means to store the information on the screen, The storage takes place on the screen itself. They were pretty rare, and not seen at all today, as they didn't work very well. Perhaps that is what you are referring to?

What is cathode ray oscilloscope specification?

There are many different types of cathode ray oscilloscopes. Some of them are: analogue, digital storage, digital phosphor, and sampling.

What is different between analog Oscilloscope and digital Oscilloscope?

As with analog ( Dial) watches versus Digital clocks- there are two different types of presentation. The Analog Oscilloscope is more properly called a Cathode Ray oscilloscope as it uses a specialized CRT ( Cathode Ray tube) the Digital creates and displays its graphics in a digital fashion. They do not need a warm-up time as they do not use vacuum tubes. Storage oscilloscopes, which have a time-lapse feature most intriguing and a memory bank, can be and have been made in both the analog and the digital configurations. the German Hameg company marketed both types.

What has the author Andrew E Ancell written?

Andrew E. Ancell has written: 'Digital storage oscilloscope with a liquid crystal display'

What are the components of a digital storage oscilloscope?

Digital storage oscilloscopes come with input connectors, such as coax, UHF or banana connectors. The digital units also typically have an LCD display on them so output can be read directly from the device. Finally, they come with onboard memory, so users can capture several different sets of data from the unit.

What electronic device receives processes stores data then produces a result or output?

DSO = Digital Storage Oscilloscope ------------------ the answer u are looking for i believe is a computer

Tektronix tds is a type of what?

Tektronix tds is a type of digital storage oscilloscope. The digital design allows one to see signals. One can see the measurements and readings at a distance or using the USB connect to a computer. One can easily read and review the test signals.

What are the four major areas of computer operations in digital image processing?

The four major areas of computer operations in digital image processing is contrast enhancement. The second is remove the blur from pictures and smooth out graininess. The third would be magnifying, and rotating an image. Finally the image is compressed for storage.

What year was the Digital Storage company founded?

The company Digital Storage was founded in 1986 and is located in Columbus, Ohio. Digital Storage sells storage items such as optical disks, CD and DVD media, and printer accessories.

Where is it possible to buy a digital copy of the film known as Rog?

There are many places to buy a digital copy of the film known as Rog. The best option would be Amazon. Not only will you have the digital copy, but you will be able to access from anywhere with their cloud storage.

Digital Photos?

Digital photo storage has come a long way recently. Numerous devices are available for photo storage, including digital picture frames. These can be hand held or table top versions. Digital photo storage devices are available at many online retailers.

what is cloud storage?

cloud storage is a type of digital storage that stores data in servers via the internet.

What are my best options for digital storage of business cards?

I have a lot of digital business cards that I recieve from clients. What are the best business card storage options available for digital media?

How does analog storage oscilloscope works?

A: the signal is displayed on a screen and the special rare earths retain the impression for analysis

What is the difference between storage and storage device?

Storage is a generic term for keeping something protected. A digital storage device is a specific item designed to provide storage for digital data. The term "storage device" (without context) could be a disk drive or a closet in your bedroom.


Digital photo storage has come a long way recently. Numerous devices are available for photo storage, including digital picture frames. These can be hand held or table top versions. Digital photo storage devices are available at many online retailers.

What are digital camera cards?

Digital Camera Cards are removable memory storage devices used with digital cameras.

What's the difference between the Western Digital My Passport essential and the other types they make?

The Western Digital My Passport features extremely low seek time and industry topping transfer rates. Western Digital is consdired one of the leaders in storage media. It is possible to find cheaper devices, but Western Digital is a highly recommended brand.

What mobile storage media do many digital cameras store additional images?

Most of the new digital cameras use SD card for image storage

Where can a person purchase server space for digital photo storage?

A person can purchase server space for digital photo storage at Best Buy. Best Buy is a great place to purchase server space for digital photo storage. Customer Service at Best Buy is great and the prices are fair.

Is the digital camera an input device or a storage device?

Yes a digital camera is a storage device. Think about it, you've got a memory card in it which means that you save things on it.

What are the applications of digital storage oscilloscope?

The storage function of a storage 'scope is one of those tools that you rarely need, but when you do need it, you need it bad! It is used to capture a single very short event that only happens rarely. Example: I was troubleshooting a DME transmitter that occasionally blew the receiver mixer. Research indicated that it happened when a tuning solenoid energized. So I used a storage scope to monitor the transmitter while I operated the solenoid, and lo-and-behold, the modulator was firing a single 1000 watt pulse when the solenoid was at about mid travel.

What is the price of a sony digital camcorder?

this depends on the model and the storage capacity of the sony digital camcorder you are going to purchase. depending on the storage capacity and the features of the recorder, the price will vary.

What is the storage of computer data?

The definition of computer storage is a data storage that is often called storage of memory refer to computer components and recordings media that retains digital data used.

What are the four basic operations in a computer?

The four basic operations in a computer are:* Accepting input* Performing processing* Outputting results* Storage