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merits and demerits of index number

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Q: What are the merits and demerits of index numbers in statistics?
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Define the human poverty index?

The human poverty index is a collection of statistics set to measure the human condition. The different statistics are combined to make the index.

What are the problems associated with the construction of index numbers under selected items?

what are the problems associated with the construction of index numbers

When was the Consumer Price Index created?

1919. Created by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

School index numbers?


What is index value?

Index value is a phrase used to describe pairs of numbers that are arranged in a table. The purpose of this is so applications can match numbers.

What is an index in Java?

An index is basically a numeric association to an element in a collection of data.When you talk about an index in Java, you will most often be talking about the position of an object in an[] numbers = new int[] {10, 20, 30, 40};Given the array declared above:numbers[0] = 10

What inflation measures does the Bureau of Labor Statistics publish monthly?

Each month the Consumer Price Index (CPI) and the Producers Price Index (PPI) are prepared.

Imagine that in 1982 the Bureau of Labor and Statistics (BLS) published the consumer price index at 100. Today the index stands at 185. What is the inflation rate?


What is a index in oracle?

An index is a performance-tuning method of allowing faster retrieval of records. An index creates an entry for each value that appears in the indexed columns. By default, Oracle creates B-tree indexesThe syntax for creating a index is:CREATE [UNIQUE] INDEX index_nameON table_name (column1, column2, . column_n)[ COMPUTE STATISTICS ];UNIQUE indicates that the combination of values in the indexed columns must be unique.COMPUTE STATISTICS tells Oracle to collect statistics during the creation of the index. The statistics are then used by the optimizer to choose a "plan of execution" when SQL statements are executed.

Which federal agency is responsible for computing and reporting Consumer Price Index?

Department of National Statistics

Utilities of index number in economics?

what is mean by statistical approach and economical approach in the theory of index numbers?

What has the author Maria Antolak written?

Maria Antolak has written: 'Problemy zmian struktury gospodarki narodowej w latach 1962-1975' -- subject(s): Economic conditions, Statistics 'Optymalizacja w planowaniu' -- subject(s): Index numbers (Economics), Industrial productivity, Statistics

When postal index numbers introduced in India?


What are index numbers used for?

Identifying array-elements.

When can you use index numbers?

When you are accessing an array's element.

Example of index of a book?

The index of a book is an alphabetical listing of names and topics along with page numbers where they are discussed.

What has the author A H Spurlock written?

A. H. Spurlock has written: 'Changes in production areas and trends in citrus harvesting, packing and processing costs' -- subject(s): Citrus fruit industry 'Marketing Florida prepackaged sweet corn' 'Index numbers of agricultural production in Florida, 1924-1968' -- subject(s): Agriculture, Index numbers (Economics), Statistics

What has the author Edward Gordon Peake written?

Edward Gordon Peake has written: 'An academic study of some money market and other statistics' -- subject(s): Discount, Interest, Foreign exchange, Index numbers (Economics)

What is the index form of numbers 9765625?

Index form of 9765625 is 9.765625 × 106

How is the index and table of contents different?

They are different because the index gives you a guide and the table of contents gives you the page numbers

Which entity within the US government is responsible for computing and reporting the consumer price index?

Bureau of labor statistics

What are some things veterinarians do and need math for?

Calculating dose of medicine, finding body mass index, statistics.

Where can you find index in a book?

An index is usually found at the back of the book. The index will be in alphabetical order with page numbers. There may be a list of contents at the front of the book, which is a list of chapters.

Index numbers for secondary schools?

tema high school

Which fingers are the numbers 5 and 6 keyed with?

The index fingers