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How about fractions of a millimetre?

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Q: What are the metric units for measuring a thickness of a page?
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How do you estimate the thickness of a page of a book?

You can measure the thickness of a page with a micrometer. It would be about 2/1000 of an inch.

How many Dimensions in inches og a single page of a local newspaper?

Three dimensions:-- the length, width, and thickness of the pageMay be expressed in any units of length.

What is the thickness of a page in a book?

The thickness of a page in a book is 0.0037 inches. For example, if there are 269 sheets in a one inch thick stack the best way to find the thickness of one page is to divide the one inch into 269 pieces.

Unit to measure the thickness of a page?


How will you measure the thickness of a single page of your book using a scaleexplain?

The thickness of a page is measured with a micrometer. If you don't have a micrometer measure the thickness of 1oo pages with the help of a scale and divide the result by 100.

Units of measurements in the Philippines?

I published an e- book entitled "Philippine Units of Measurements". Page 2 of the book shows the literal meaning of each measuring unit while page 3 shows a list of my online references related to Philippine measuring units. Note: The estimated foreign unit equivalents are mere "estimates" and not 100% precise. They're merely based on my estimations. The list of links shown in page 3 may provide a more accurate/factual information. Visit the link below:

Where can you find a table of equivalents for metric units?

Not sure if this is what you're looking for - but check out the related link. Scroll down about a page length - and there's a number of conversion tables listed.

What is the thickness in millimeters of 1 page of the phone book?


How will you determine the thickness of one page of a book?

You can determine the thickness of one page of an existing book by measuring the thickness of all the pages together and then dividing by the number of pages. Note that the number of pages will be about half of the "page numbers" since most books will assign one number to the front of a page and a second number to the back of the same page. You have to remember to count unnumbered pages such as the title page and any blank flyleaf pages. To determine the thickness of a page for a planned book, a publisher will make a decision about the type of paper they wish to print on. As and example, printers will typically choose a very thin type of paper for volumes of the Bible, which has a few thousand pages so that it can be compact enough for people to carry. High end books may use heavier paper in order to be more durable and carry a more elegant "heft".

What is the base metric term for measuring volume?

Q:What is the base metric term for measuring volume? A:Derived UNIT; liter=volume I hope that's the kind of answer you were looking for. have a nice day. and your welcome. i am only 12 yrs old and this is exactly what im studying in school right now, (math class). you should visit the discussion page some time. its really great. bi 4 now

How do you measure the thickness of a page of a book?

If you have only a single page, then use a micrometer but very carefully so that you do not puncture the paper. If there are lots of pages, AND if they are all the same, then measure many and take their average thickness.

What instrument is used to measure the thickness of a page of a book instrument is used to measure the thickness of a page of a book?

0 - 1 inch Micrometer might be better to measure 10 pages and find the average.

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