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1 x 32

2 x 16

4 x 8

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Q: What are the multiplication numbers for the factor 32?
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What are numbers in a multiplication statement?

a factor

What do you call numbers that are in multiplication problem?

factor * factor = product

What is thew answer to multiplication problem?

the multiplication of two numbers is called a factor the answer to a multiplication problem is called a product

In multiplication what two numbers equal 32?

How about: 2*16 = 32 as an example

What are the numbers in a multiplication sentence to be multiplied together?

The numbers being mutiplied together is a "factor."

What are prime numbers of 32?

The prime factor of 32 is: 2

How many numbers is 17 a factor of?


What two numbers will give you 32 as their LCM?

32 and any factor of 32.

What is the greastest common factor of 32 and 22?

The greatest common factor of the numbers 32 and 22 is 2.

What three sets of numbers have a greatest common Factor of 16?

Numbers can have a greatest common factor, sets of numbers cannot.

What two numbers have a lcm of 32?

One of them must be 32, and the other a factor of 32.

What numbers have 8 as a factor?

16 24 32

What are all the square numbers 1-100 and has 32 as a factor?

The only square number in that range that has 32 as a factor is 64.

What is the greatest common factor of 49 and 32?

The greatest common factor of 49 and 32 is 1. The numbers are co-prime.

What is the highest common factor of 32 80 and 160?

The highest common factor of the numbers 32, 80 and 160 is 16.

what property allows you to decompose a factor into smaller numbers?

knowing the multiplication tables and applying those in reverse allows you to factor.

What numbers can a factor make on 32?

The factors of 32 are 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32

Is 32 the greatest common factor of what 2 numbers?

32 and 64, among others.

What is the GCF of 5624 and 32?

The greatest common factor of the numbers 5,624 and 32 is 8.

What is the GCF of 32 and40?

The greatest common factor of the numbers 32 and 40 is 8.

How to solve factor puzzles with the numbers 12 32 27?

The answer will depends on what the factor puzzle is!

What is the common factor of 64 and 96?

The highest common factor of both numbers is 32

What is the gcf and LCM of 32 and 96?

The LCM is: 96The greatest common factor of the numbers 96 and 32 is 32.

What are two prime numbers of 32?

There is no possible answer since 32 has only one prime factor.

How do you put prime numbers in multiplication form?

with a factor tree a factor birthday cake or writing out the factors (you may google what a factor tree and or what a factor birthday cake is :D )