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Q: What are the names of the different grades of eggs?
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What ways are an equilateral and a rhombus the same and how are they different?

They have different names.

What are the different names of earth?


How many different names is satan called by and what are they?

3 different names I call is: 1:satan 2:devil 3:lucifer

What is the minimum grade a student must get in order to receive an A's if the mean grade was 72 and the standard deviation was 9?

Different examinations have different thresholds for A grades.

Why do books have different names?

Because they are different books :) ... i like helping people

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What are the grades of eggs and what do they mean?

the grades of eggs are like the rating of the eggs. Grade A eggs are the best grade B eggs are the second best grade C eggs are okay grade D eggs aren't very good and so on.

What is the grading scale for eggs?

The United States Department of Agriculture has a specific grading system for eggs. Eggs are grades on both interior and exterior qualities. The egg grades are AA, A and B.

Is there a name for where fish lay their eggs?

Different names for different species. For most, the area where eggs are laid is called a "bed", or nest. For trout and salmon, it is called a "redd".

How many eggs 1cup of egg substitute?

Egg's come in different size & grades. Take your measuring cup and add eggs till you reach 1 cup. It could be 4 eggs to 8 eggs depending on size.

What’s different about ladybug eggs in grasshopper eggs?

What’s different about a grasshopper Eggs and ladybug eggs

What are eggs that are intricately decorated called?

It depends upon what method was used to decorate the eggs, and where they were made. Eggs can be decorated with dyes, paints, carving, scratching and many other methods. Different ethnic groups give these eggs different names. In Ukraine eggs decorated with dyes, and using a wax resist method, are called pysanky. Eggs decorated by painting them with oil, watercolor or acrylic paints are called malyovanky.

What grade is this science in because these answers can be different for other grades?

Many Grades

Where can I compare the grades of dv cameras?

There is many online articles to read about the different grades of dv cameras. Such as that can help you in comparing different grades of cameras.

Is there different grades of silver?


Names of animals hatched from eggs?

not mammals

What are the forms of eggs?

The market form of eggs is as follows: Shelled eggs grades A and B (fresh) Bulk whole eggs (fresh and frozen and dried) Bulk egg whites (fresh and frozen) Bulk yolks (fresh and frozen)

What fish do humans get Caviar from?

The best caviar. fish eggs, comes from Sturgeon from the former Soviet Union. They are listed as many grades which determine the price. Roe, which are all kinds of fish eggs, come from many different species of fish, some more edible than others.