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Q: What are the names of the male artist that have died in the last 10 years?
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Who is top American female violin artist?

The best classical musician in the last 100 years IMO.

How do you find the names of people that have died in the last 10 years in western Pennsylvania?

you don't

What was Saint Cecilia's last name?

In the time of Saint Cecilia last names were not used. They did not become in use for nearly a thousand years after she died. If she had addtional names we are not aware of them.

Black singers that have died in last 10 years?

James Brown Wilson Pickett Isaac Hayes Jerry Wexler Ray Charles Hank Ballard I believe Jerry Wexler was a white record producer

What are the names of NFL players that have died of cancer in last 20 years?

There has been many of NFL players that have died in the last twenty years, but only one is listed as dying from cancer. In 2000, Oakland Raiders, Eric Turner died from stomach cancer.

What is Lucy's full name?

At the time Lucy lived, people did not have last names. That did not begin for nearly 100 years after she died. If Lucy had any additional names, there is no record of them.

List the names of movie stars who have died?

Id like to see a list of film stars that have died in the last 20 years list of movie stars dead past

What is the deal with britney?

She is highest selling female artist of the last 10 years.

What artist lived in the South Pacific?

Paul Gauguin did during the last years of his life.

What are some last names of painters that begin with the letter U?

Walter Ufer was an American artist who specialized in the American west. Paolo Uccello was a 15th century Italian artist.

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