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What AREN'T the names of the tow sides?

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Q: What are the names of the tow sides?
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What are names for tow trucks?

A tow truck is a wooly head

What is the name of a triangle that has tow sides that are the same length?

An isosceles triangle has two sides of the same length.

What shape has four sides and tow corners?

No shape can have two corners

Have four side soppostie sides are equal in length tow pair of parallel sides not have right angles?

A parallelogram.

How do i find the Angles in an isosceles triangle?

isoselceles triangel is tow sides areequal

What is the names for a shape with equal sides?

Names for shapes that have equal sides are called EQUILATERAL.

Tow names of our repersentatives today?

Name maine's two U.S. representatives?

What are the names of some tow truck companies in the Miami area?

The following are names of some tow truck companies in the Miami area: Alpine Towing, On Time Towing, Molina Towing, One Stop Auto and Sunshine Towing.

Where did shapes get their names?

from there sides

Which set of properties describes a square?

It has four sides of equal length and the corner angles are all equal.

How do you prove a shape?

it a shape the sides have names 5 sides = pent

Names of theire sides and the name of polygons?

The first ten polygons in order of names and sides are as follows:- Triangle has 3 sides Quadrilateral has 4 sides Pentagon has 5 sides Hexagon has 6 sides Heptagon has 7 sides Octagon has 8 sides Nonagon has 9 sides Decagon has 10 sides Undecagon has 11 sides Dodecagon has 12 sides