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it a shape the sides have names 5 sides = pent

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Q: How do you prove a shape?
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How can rigid transformations be used to prove congruency?

They can be used to prove congruency because the shape and size are maintained.

Could one prove that a shape is a square by finding the slopes of each side Why or why not?

One could not. The shape could be a rectangle.

How do you prove a triangle congruent?

You can prove by making two or more identical triangles.Congruence means when two figures have the same size, form, and shape.

How do you prove that a shape is a rectangle?

Check to see that -- it has four sides -- its two diagonals are equal.

How do you prove that every water droplet is or isn't the same size or shape?

All you need is two drops that are not the same shape to prove they are not the same. Compare drops of water dripping from a tap (faucet) which is elongated, and one in zero gravity, is spherical.

Evidences that prove the real shape of the earth?

i dont think that the earth is flat .it is round in shape. if we go a journey around the world we will stop in the place we started .I think the earth is round in shape.

What is a sentence for the word locus?

It is important to prove that a geometric shape is the correct locus for a given set of conditions.

What 3 dimentional shape has 1 flat face 0 edges 1 vertex?

There is no such shape. If anyone can prove otherwise, I'd be grateful if they'd let me know.

How can you prove a shape is a rhombus?

A rhombus has two sets of parrallell sides. If it has two set of parrellell sides, it is a rhombus.

How do you prove quadrilateral is a trapezoid?

You can't. A trapezoid is a quadrilateral because it has four sides. The definition of a quadrilateral is a shape with four sides.

How do you prove congruency?

You have to prove that each side of one shape is congruent to the corresponding side of the second shape and that each angle of the first are congruent to the corresponding angles of the second. Sometimes this task is made simpler by the geometry of the shape in question. For example, with any regular polygons with the same number of sides, you only need to show that any side of one is congruent to any side of the other. The regularity takes care of the rest.

How much does a standard curl bar weigh?

I may be wrong because it has been many years since I worked out. I have the belly to prove it. But I'm in shape. Round is a shape. I believe the bar is 40lbs if I remember correctly.

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