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  1. Charles Babbage
  2. Albert Einstein
  3. Blaise Pascal
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Q: What are the names of three famous mathematicians?
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What are the names of famous foreign mathematicians?

No mathematician in foreign - in his / her own country. yep

Who are the 3 maathematicians?

There are hundreds of famous mathematicians, but the three most famous/well-known mathematicians are arguably, Albert Einstein (famous for the equation for the speed of light), Isaac Newton (famous for discovering gravity), and Pythagoras of Samos (famous for the Pythagorean Theorem).

Who are 3 famous female mathematicians?

Maria Agnesi, Florence Allen, and Annie Andrews are some famous mathematicians.

How do you get famous mathematicians with names in single picture?

You save the picture on your computer, then you paste it on paint. Then use the text option and type the name

Names of foreign mathematicians?


Famous five mathematicians?


Who are the five famous mathematicians in world?

"The" five mathematicians? There surely are much more than five.

What are 5 famous mathematicians?

Five famous mathematicians are: Ada Lovelace, Augustus De Morgan, Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, and Adam Smith.

Any two names of mathematicians?

Euclid and Jacobi

Famous mathematicians born in Turkey?

Cahit Arf

Who are some famous Filipino mathematicians and their contributions?


Are there any famous mathematicians from Gambia?

Ewan ko.