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A negative times a negative equals a positive

A negative times a positive equals a negative

A positive times a positive equals a positive

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Q: What are the negative and positive rules in math?
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What is a minus times minus?

Simple math rules state that a negative times a negative equals a positive!

Is negative infinity times negative infinity positive infinity?

I would think so because using the negative math rules it would seem so

What is your positive and negative?

positive is to add and negative is to subtract in math

The rules of negative numbers?

If you are talking about the multiplication rules than they would be; a negative times a negative is a positive a negative times a positive is a negative

What are rules in dividing integers?

negative times negative = positive positive times positive = positive negative times positive = negative positive times negative = negative

What are the rules of multiplying negatives and positives?

positive X positive = positive positive X negative = negative negative X positive = negative negative X negative = positive

What are the rules for multiplying integers?

Positive x Positive =Positive Positive x Negative= Negative Negative x Positive= Negative Negative x Negative =Positive

Positive divided by a negative?

The rules for division are the same as for multiplication. Positive multiplied (or divided) by negative is negative.

Why does a negative times a negative equals a positive?

It is a rule in math!

What is a positive and What is a negative?

In math, a positive is a number greater then zero, and a negative number is less than zero.

How do negative and positive look?

In Math, a negative can be represented with -. A positive can be represented with +, or just without a -.

Is anion is positive or negative?

negative. why is this question in math when it should be in chemistry?

Rules for adding integers?

When you add: a negative and a negative: you get a negative a positive and a positive: you get a positive a positive and a negative or a negative and a positive: Subtract the addend with the smaller value from the greater one. If the greater one is positive, your answer will be positive. If the greater addend is negative, your answer will be negative.

Is positive divided by negative negative or positive?

Yes, when a positive is divided by a negative, it is negative. ex: 4/-2 would equal -2. It takes two negatives to make a positive in math when you are multiplying or dividing.

How do you divide positive and negative numbers?

It is the same rules that apply for multiplying them:positive and negative are negativepositive and positive are positivenegitve and negative are positive

What is the answer to negative fifteen divided by positive three?

Negative 5. It's normal division, except you need to remember these rules: Positive & Negative = Negative Positive & Positive = Positive

What are the rules for multiplying and dividing positive and negative fractions?

negative times negative equals positive negative times positive subtract the bigger number by the smaller number and keep the sign of the bigger number positive times positive equals positive im pretty sure thats right but i would make sure with your math teacher abt the second one i said

Why does a negative number multiplied by a postive number equal a negative number?

That is part of the basic rules of Math: A: Multiply a Negative and a Negative will result in a Postive. B. Multiply a Negative and a Postive will result in a Negative. BTW, unlike English grammar, rules of Math are true at all times.

What are the rules in adding integers with like signs?

With both positive it's positive, with both negative it's negative.

What is positive and negative in mathematics?

In math, positive means greater than zero, and negative means less than zero.

How are multiplying integers and dividing integers same?

following multiplication integer rules and division rules, you should get: "MULTIPLICATION: minus times minus is plus (negative x negative = positive).....minus times plus is minus (negative x positive = negative) times plus is plus (positive x positive = positive) DIVISION: minus divi minus is plus (negative ÷ negative = positive)......minus divi plus is minus (negative ÷ positive = negative) divi plus is plus (positive ÷ positive = positive)" a division problem is a multiplication problem in disguise

Why is the product positive when there is an even number of negative factors?

Due to the sign rules for multiplication, if you multiply several negative numbers, you'll get a result that is alternately negative, positive, negative, positive, etc.

What are the rules for multiplying or dividing negative and positive numbers?

Positive x Positive = Positive: 3 x 2 = 6Negative x Negative = Positive: (-2) x (-8) = 16Negative x Positive = Negative: (-3) x 4 = -12Positive x Negative = Negative: 3 x (-4) = -12

How do you divide with a negative fraction?

Divide as you would divide positive fractions. That is, convert both fractions to positive, then do the division. After that, apply the rules for dividing positive and negative numbers. For example, if one of the fractions is positive and the other negative, the answer will be negative.

Why does a positive times a negative produces a negative?

Because when there is a positive and a negative in the same problem, it gives you a negative. An easy way to solve problems like that is if there is an odd number of negative signs, then your answer is going to be negative. If there is an even number of negative signs, then your answer is going to be positive. (no matter if there is a positive sign in a math problem).

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