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I would think so because using the negative math rules it would seem so

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Q: Is negative infinity times negative infinity positive infinity?
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What is negative infinity times positive infinity?

negative infinity

Does a negative number times positive infinity equal negative infinity?

Yes. Multiplying a negative number by a very large positive number will equal a large negative number. If you have the function y = -x, then as x approaches infinity, y will approach negative infinity at the same rate.

Is there negative infinity?

Both positive and negative infinity are equally valid mathematical entities.

What are rules in dividing integers?

negative times negative = positive positive times positive = positive negative times positive = negative positive times negative = negative

Is -75.51 an integer?

Yes, it is between negative infinity and positive infinity.

Positive times a negative equals?

positive times negative equals negative. positive times positive equals positive. negative times negative equals positive

How do you write in interval notation x is positive?

Positive: (0, infinity)Nonnegative: [0, infinity)Negative: (-infinity, 0)Nonpositive (-infinity, 0]

What are the negative and positive rules in math?

A negative times a negative equals a positive A negative times a positive equals a negative A positive times a positive equals a positive

Is a negative times a positive a negative?

A negative times a positive is a negative.

Can an integer be negative?

Integers are whole numbers that go from negative infinity to positive infinity. As such, they do cover the negative range of the number line.

A negative times or divided by a positive equals a?

A Negative times or divided by a Positive equals a Negative A Negative times or divided by a Negative gives a Positive A Positive times or divided by a Negative gives a Negative A Positive times or Divided by a Positive gives a Positive Zero is neither Positive or Negative so anything times Zero is not Positive or Negative.

What is the domain of the continuous quadratic function y equals 4x2 plus 2?

The domain is from negative infinity to positive infinity. The range is from positive 2 to positive infinity.

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