What are the negatives listserv?

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what are the negatives of a listserv

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Q: What are the negatives listserv?
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When was LISTSERV created?

LISTSERV was created in 1986.

What is a listserv?

A Mailing List

Which of the following information could not be found on political listserv?

Where to buy bumper stickers would not be found on a political listserv.

How many listserv originate from Chile?

Over 9000

List of words ending in v?

Improv Maglev Listserv

What is the difference in email listservs and newsgroup?

There is a major difference between an email listserv and a newsgroup. A listserv allows people to post things, while a newsgroup simply presents the information, and does not allow anyone to post.

Which of the following information could not be found on a political listserv?

where to buy bumper stickers

What purpose does LISTSERV serve?

A LISTSERV provides a common distribution list for information, usually in the form of an email. By following LISTSERVs one can keep up on an area of interest or update a number of similarly interested people.

What is the difference between a pop server and a listserv?

POP and Listserv serve two different functions. POP is an acronym for Post Office Protocol. It is the language used between an email program, a POP client, and the ISP's POP server. Listserv is a commercial mailing list management system that allows you to subscribe to or create, manage, and control an electronic mailing list.

What are negatives about Carbohydrates?

negatives about carbohydrates

What are the negatives and positives to a mri?

There are no negatives

How are Usenet and ListServ different?

ListServ is a software application designed to make it possible to manage a list of email addresses and simultaneously contact everyone on the list. Usenet is a worldwide cooperative network of computers that can be accessed by anyone with the proper software.

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