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The multiplicand and the multiplier. Both can also be called factors.

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Q: What are the numbers called in a multiplcation problem?
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What is the answer to a multiplcation problem called?

The product.

What is the answer in multiplcation called?


What is the answer to a multiplcation question called?


What two numbers in multiplcation equals 243?

1 and 243.

What multiplcation problem equals 48?

6 times 8

What multiplcation numbers equal 230?

115 x 2 = 230

How can you answer multiplcation problems?

Either by using a calculator or working out the problem on paper.

What are the numbers in a diveson problem called?

it depends if you want the answer or the numbers in the problem

What an example of a 3 by 2 number multiplcation problem?

(101) x (22) = 2,222

What are the numbers called in a subtraction problem?

They are called sums

What do you call the numbers in a division problem?

The numbers in a division problem are called dividend, divisor, and quotient.

What are numbers in a subtraction problem called?

regardless of what the problem is, they are always called integers. unless you have variables or fractions in the problem.

What is the answer to a mulitiplicator problem called?

When you multiply numbers, the answer is called a product.

What do you call a multiplcation problem?

i guess its the sum of a number however many times is implcated 8x7 is 8 sevens

What are numbers in an addition problem called?


What are numbers in addition problem called?


In a multiplication problem the numbers being multiplied are called?

The 2 top numbers are called "Factors" the answer is "product"

What is the numbers added together in addition?

The numbers being added are called the addends. The answer to the problem is called sum.

What is thew answer to multiplication problem?

the multiplication of two numbers is called a factor the answer to a multiplication problem is called a product

What are the numbers called in a division problem?

The first number is called the dividend. The second number is called the divisor. The answer is called the quotient.

What are the two numbers in a addition problem called?

The summands.

How can you use the multiplcation facts about 3 to help you find the multiplcation facts about 9?

You times it by 3 again

When you have a problem that requires multipling and division which do you do first?

division it the first thing done in a multiplcation sum following the path of B.I.D.M.A.S or B.O.D.M.A.S

What are the numbers in a division problem called?

There are three different types of numbers in a division problem. The number that is divided is the dividend, the one that is dividing that is the divisor, and the answer to the division problem is the quotient.

What is the definition of partial products?

partial products means that you did not complete your complete multiplcation problem. partial means not total or incomplete and products means the answer of a multiplcation problem. and so when you pu it all together it means an incomplete answer for multiplcation of course! hope that helped you!