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That depends on whether the numbers are rounded to the nearest tenth,

the nearest whole number, the nearest ten, the nearest hundred, or the

nearest thousand. Each choice produces a different answer.

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Q: What are the numbers round off to 4000?
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How many numbers will round off 4000?


How do you round off 3999 to the nearest hundred?

You round it up to 4000.

What Numbers less than 4000 that can be rounded off to 4000?

There are an infinite amount of numbers that round up to 4000. This is because of the infinite amount of decimals and also that you have different rounding values, like to the nearest 100 or the nearest 10 etc., that you could use.

How do you round off 3999 to closest hundreds?

It is: 4000 because 40*100 = 4000

How do you round off 5463 to the nearest 1000?


Why do you have to Round off the numbers first before you subtract?

It is not possible to answer this question because it is based on a false premise that you have to round off numbers.

Is 46325 round to 4000?


What number equals 4000 square numbers?

It depends on what the 4000 square numbers are.

Why do you round off numbers?

You round off numbers for several reasons. First, your final answer is no more accurate than your original measurement. If you do not round off, you will give an inaccurate picture of your measurement. Second, you round off numbers to check electronic equipment. You can not begin to add, subtract, multiply, and divide in your head as fast as an electronic piece of equipment. Still, by rounding off numbers, you can get a rough idea of what the answer should be. If the answer the computer gives is nowhere near your answer then something could be drastically wrong with some spread sheet formula. You round off money real fast to know if you have been cheated.

How do you round 4399 to the greatest place value?


Round this number to the nearest thousand. 3759?


Round 3921 to the nearest 1000?


What is the estimate total of two numbers?

round off each of the numbers and add together: 114 + 257 is about 110 + 260 = 370. Exactly how you round off or approximate the numbers depends on how good you need the estimate to be.

What is largest and smallest numbers that round off to 10?

They are 14 and 5

What is the smallest and the largest numbers that round off to 50?

45 to 54

How do you figure out significant figures of different numbers?

what is the round off of 124.36?

How do i Round 48100231 joules to two significant numbers?

Just cut off the numbers at the eight: 48,000,000

How do you round off 3999 to the nearest tens?

The answer is 4000 because 99 is closest to 000 (or 100) not 90

Round 3586 to the nearest thousand?

It is: 4000

Which numbers round to 19 when rounded to the nearest whole number?

Any number of 18.5 and greater will round off to 19

What is the smallest whole numbers that round off to 60 to the nearest tens?

It is 55.

What is smallest whole numbers that round off 600000 to the nearest hundreds?


What is the largest whole numbers that round off to 2000 to the nearest thousand?


What is the smallest whole numbers that round off 60 to the nearest tens?


how do you round off 11.76 to two significant numbers?

11.76 rounds to 12