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Pacific, Atlantic, Indian, Artic

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Q: What are the oceans in order of size?
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Name the four oceans in order of size largest to smallest?

the pacific, the Atlantic, the Indian, and the arctic.

How are the five major oceans categorized?

by size

What are the worlds 3 largest oceans?

The world's three largest oceans, in order, are the Pacific, Atlantic, and Indian Oceans.

How do oceans change size?

Seafloor spreading and subduction

What to oceans are the same size?

north and south pacific

Difference between sea and ocean?

Size; oceans are bigger.

What causes the size of the Atlantic Oceans growth?

Melting Glaciers

What is the order is oceans from smallest to largest?


Which is the biggest oceans in terms of size?

thePacific Ocean is the largest on this planet

What happens to the size of things when they warm up?

When things warm up their size increases. An example of this is the oceans. Global warming is warming the oceans, so they expand and sea levels rise, threatening low-lying countries.

Is the pacific ocean the largest ocean in the world?

Yes. By size, the oceans are Pacific, Atlantic, Indian, and Arctic. *If using the designation Southern Ocean, the order is Pacific, Atlantic, Indian, Southern, and Arctic.

The order of magnitude for the number of oceans in the world is 0?