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4/7 or about 0.571

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Q: What are the odds in favor of throwing at least 7 in a single throw with two dice?
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What is the probability of getting a multiple of 3 or 4 in throwing a dice?

It depends on how many times you throw it! On a single throw, the answer is 0.5

What are the odds in favor of getting at least one head in 3 consecutive flips of a coin?

>>> 1:7 (or, if you like probability, 87.5%)I disagree. There are four possible combinations of three tosses (where order does not matter):HHHHHTHTTTTTThree of these combinations will show at least one head - only by throwing three tails will you not throw at least one head.Thus, the probability of throwing at least one head in three flips is 75%.

What are odds of throwing a prime number with a dice?

The probability of eventually throwing a prime number is 1. On a single throw, of a fair die, the probability is 1/2.

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How did the ancient Greeks train for the javelin throw?

by throwing throwing javelins

A weapon that can be throw?

Throwing knife

What is the probabilty of throwing a 6 on a dice?

On a fair die, it is 1/6 on a single throw.On a fair die, it is 1/6 on a single throw.On a fair die, it is 1/6 on a single throw.On a fair die, it is 1/6 on a single throw.

What is the past progressive form of throw?

was or were throwing

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All present participles are verb + ing Throwing

How do you throw a throwing knife?

Your best example can really only be shown not told. Look on youtube for demonstation videos of how to throw throwing knifes properly.

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