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* Improving to 2 pairs - 5.3/1 * Improving to trips - 7.7/1 * Improving to A Full House - 97/1 * Improving to Quads - 359/1

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Q: What are the odds of getting a full house in 5 card draw poker if you are dealt a pair?
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What is the probability of getting a pair of kings dealt in a 5 card poker game?

It is 0.0465, approx.

How is poker dealt?

That pretty much depends on which game you are dealing. Texas Hold'em is dealt in a different manner than 7-card stud.

What is the probability of getting exactly three aces in a five-card poker hand dealt from an ordinary 52 card deck?

The probability of getting 3 aces in the order AAABB is; P(AAABB) = (4/52)∙(3/51)∙(2/50)∙(48/49)∙(47/48) = 0.0001736... There are 5C3 = 5!/(3!∙(5-3)!) = 10 different ways in which the aces can come out. So the probability of getting exactly three aces in a five card poker hand dealt from a 52 card deck is, P(3A) ~ 10∙(0.0001736) ~ 0.001736 ~ 0.1736%

In a game of stud poker must you discard any card after the five cards are dealt or can you stand pat throughout the final deals?

No cards are discarded in stud poker, you must play the cards you are dealt or you can fold. It is in draw poker that you can discard up to four cards.

What is involved in having a poker challenge?

Poker is a card game that involves betting and the winner is determined by the ranks and combinations of the cards and the hidden cards. A Poker Challenge is trying to identify the Poker hands within the dealt cards.

In poker you are dealt 5 cards from a standard 52 deck find probablity of being dealt a full house?

The odds of being dealt exactly a full house are 694 to 1 against, which equates to a probability of 0.00144. The probability of all 5 card hands can be found, along with explanations of how to derive the probabilities, can be found at

What are the Odds of getting dealt suited connectors in holdem?

The odds of being dealt suited connectors in poker is 2 in 51. Here's why: No matter what card is dealt first, there are two cards that will make suited connectors with it. For example, if the first card is 5d, then the second card must be 4d or 6d. Or, if the first card is Ac, the second card must be 2c or Kc. Since there are 51 cards left in the deck, of which two will make suited connectors with the first card, the odds are 2 in 51.

What is the 4th card called after the first 3 cards dealt in poker?

In Hold-em the first three cards is the "flop", the next card is the "turn" and the last card is the "river".

What is a River captain?

In Texas Hold'em poker, the river captain is someone who wins a hand with the last dealt card (the river).

What is the probability of being dealt three 7's and two 10's in 5 card poker?

It is 0.00111 approx.

How are the cards delt?

This depends on the specific game being played, but in general all poker games are dealt starting with the player to the left of the dealer and continuing in that direction.If more than one card is to be dealt to the players it is dealt after all the other players have received their first card.

How does TexasHoldEm differ from other versions of poker?

Texas Hold 'Em differs from other poker games in the way the cards are dealt and how the players around the table bet. For example, in Texas Hold 'Em, you are dealt 2 cards to start whereas in Five Card Stud, you are dealt 5 cards at the beginning.