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On a single roll of a fair die, the probability is 1/3.

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Q: What are the odds of getting a number greater than 4 on a dice?
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What are the odds in favor of getting a number greater than 4 on a dice?

2/6 or 1/3 or 0.3333333333... Or 33.33...%

What are the odds of getting a number graeater than 4 on a dice?

The chances of getting a number greater than 4 on a standard 6 face dice is a 2/6 chance which simplifies to a 1/3 chance. This is because their are only 2 numbers greater than 4.

What are odds of rolling a number greater than 3 on a dice?

How many sides? If 6, 50%.If 20, 80%

What are the odds of rolling a pair with two dice?

1 in 6. Basically dice 1 can roll any number So the odds are that dice 2 has the same number as dice 1, or 1 in 6

What are the odds of throwing two of any number with 2 dice in one throw?

1/n, where n is the number of faces on the dice. For example, if they are six sided dice, then the odds will be one in six.

What are the greater odds Getting robbed at a convenient store or a casino?

The greater odds are on getting willingly robbed at a casino.

What are the odds of rolling 2 dice and getting a 5?

2 out of 12

If you roll 2 dice What are of odds of getting both even numbers?


What are the Odds of rolling double fours in dice?

The odds of rolling any double number is 1:36

What a the odds of rolling ten sided dice ten times and getting nintyfive?

i am not sure

What is the odds of getting a four then a three on a dice?

3 over 4 , or 8th quared

What is the probability of getting a sum of 3 when three number cubes are rolled?

If the number cubes are standard dice cubes, the odds of rolling 3 ones is 1 in 216.

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