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1/n, where n is the number of faces on the dice. For example, if they are six sided dice, then the odds will be one in six.

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Q: What are the odds of throwing two of any number with 2 dice in one throw?
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What are odds of throwing a prime number with a dice?

The probability of eventually throwing a prime number is 1. On a single throw, of a fair die, the probability is 1/2.

What are the odds in favor of throwing at least 7 in a single throw with two dice?

4/7 or about 0.571

What r the odds of throwing a double six in dice throwing?

(1 in 6)2 or (1 in 36)

What are the odds of throwing two sixes with two dice?

1 out of 36 or 2.78%

Is a dice fair if you throw it 600 times and score six 200 times?

Nope - the odds of throwing a six with a single dice - 6:1. For 600 throws with an evenly balanced dice, you should only score a six an average of 100 times.

What are the odds of throwing a sum of 7 on a pair of dice?

The probability is 6/36 = 1/6

What are the odds of rolling a pair with two dice?

1 in 6. Basically dice 1 can roll any number So the odds are that dice 2 has the same number as dice 1, or 1 in 6

What are the odds of rolling a seven with two dice fifty six times in succession?

The chance of throwing 7 with 2 dice is 1 in 6. The chance of throwing 7 with 2 dice 56 times in a row is 1 in 656 ≈ 1 in 3.771 x 1043.

What are the odds of throwing doubles using two dice?

6 in 36, or in simplest form 1 in 6. For each number rolled on one die, there are only 6 possibilities for the other.

What are the Odds of rolling double fours in dice?

The odds of rolling any double number is 1:36

Do the odds of rolling a six with the roll of a dice increase as you increase the number of rolls?


What are the odds to roll a number 4 on a six sided dice?

1 out of 6

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