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There are no such integers.

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What are opposite integers?

Integers are the "counting numbers" and their negative counterparts, and zero. Opposite integers are the pairs of integers that have the same absolute value, or, in other words, are the same distance from zero. 10 and -10 are opposite integers. 43 and -43 are opposite integers. It's just that simple.

What does opposite mean when talking about integers?

Positive and negative integers are opposite each other.

What is the defition of opposite integers?

The (not th) definition (not defition) of opposite integers are integers that are equal in their [absolute] value but have different signs. So, for example, the opposite of +4 is -4, and the opposite of -5 is +5.

What does opposite integer mean?

Opposite integers have the same magnitudes, but different signs. Examples of an opposite integers: 10 and -10, -298 and 298.

Why you add an integer's opposite when you are subtracting integers?

Because that is how the opposite of a number is defined.

What is the smallest number that can be divisible by all integers?

There does not exist a number that is divisible by all integers. The opposite is true. The number one can divided into all integers.

What are whole numbers and their opposites called?

Whole numbers are called integers. There are positive integers, for example, 3, and its opposite, a negative integer, -3.

Are two integers that are opposite also called additive inverses.?

Yes. Those would be numbers such as 5 and -5, which only have opposite signs - they are called additive inverses (of one another).

Is the sum of two opposite integers always positive?

No. The answer depends on the context in terms of which the numbers are considered to be opposite.

Are 8 and 4 opposite integers?

NO, 8 and 4 cannot be opposite integers.Integers can be opposite by the difference in sign conversion of the same number. 8 and -8 are opposite.

What will be the pair of integers whose sum gives zero?

They will be the same absolute value with opposite signs. They don't even have to be integers.

How do we add integers with opposite sign?

To add two integers with opposite signs . . . -- Ignore the signs, and write the difference between the two numbers. -- Give it the same sign as the larger original number has.

When adding two opposite integers?

Subtract the number you first thought of.

Why decimals and fractions are not considered as integers?

An integer has to be a whole number or its opposite. For example, fractions and decimals cannot be integers. I'm smart (:

What is a set of a whole number and their opposite?

The two sets are the same: the set of integers.

What is the difference between two opposite integers?

It is two times the magnitude of the integer.

What is the meaning of subtracting integers?

to subtract an integer, add its opposite or additive inverse.

Is negative 3.05 a integers?

No because integers are only whole numbers

Is 1.3 odd or even?

1.3 is a fraction. The concept of odd and even applies only to integers.1.3 is a fraction. The concept of odd and even applies only to integers.1.3 is a fraction. The concept of odd and even applies only to integers.1.3 is a fraction. The concept of odd and even applies only to integers.

What are the integers of 12?

By the uniqueness of integers, the only integer for 12 is 12 itself.

What is the integers of 72?

By the uniqueness of integers, the only integer of 72 is 72 itself.

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