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It is a whole number and an integer but, since it is only one number, it cannot be "a integers"!

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Q: Is -23 a whole number or a integers?
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Can an integer thats a whole number?

All integers are whole numbers and all whole number are integers.

Does a whole number include integers?

Integers are defined as whole numbers.

Is an integer a whole number?

yes However, integer is a representation of a whole number that does not use fractions or decimals. A floating point number may represent a whole number, but not be an integer. So 23 is a whole number, 23 is an integer, but 23.00 is a floating point number, not an integer.All integers are whole numbers

What is integers on a number line?

Integers on the number line are the whole numbers.

What is negative integers number?

integers are basically any whole number, a negative integer is a negative whole number...such as -12

What is an integer whole number?

It is a tautology. All whole numbers are integers and all integers are whole numbers.

Where are the integers on a number line?

If you have drawn a number line counting in whole numbers, the integers are those whole number points. Any decimal numbers in between are not integers.

Can a whole number be expressed as a quotient ratio or integers?

Every whole number can be expressed as the quotient or ratio of other whole numbers, and whole numbers ARE integers.

Are integers a whole number?

Yes, they are.

Integers are denoted by an?

Whole number

What does whole number include?

They are the integers.

What is the meaning of integers?

An integer is a whole number; a number that is not a fraction.If you mean integers then they are whole numbers without fractions or decimals.

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