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about 50% each

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Q: What are the percentages of the men and women in japan?
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What is Frances population of men and women in percentages?

98% of women 99% of men

What is the ratio of men to women in Japan?

As of 2007 there are 95.4 men for a hundred women in Japan.

Are there more men or women in japan?


What do men wear in Japan?

what do men,women,and children wear in japan?

What is the name of the traditional garment worn by men and women in japan?

The traditional garment worn by men, women and children in Japan is called a kimono.

What is the percentage of men and women in japan?

It's not your problem.

Are there more men or women that live in Japan?

women because they have more babies

What was the voter turnout for women in 1996?

55.5% of women and 52.8% of men voted in the 1996 election. In pure numbers that translates to....56.1 million women, 48.9 million men. Since 1980, women have gone to the polls in increasingly larger percentages than men.

What do women in Japan do on Valentine's Day?

On Valentine's Day in Japan, women give chocolate gifts to men. Their gifts are reciprocated a month later on White Day, when men will give gifts to women.

How is Valentine's day in japan celebrated differently than in the U.S.?

This day is for the men in Japan instead of the women. Women get chocolate for men instead of the other way around.

What percentage of the population in Japan are men?

The percentage of the population in Japan that are men is about 49%. This is almost half of the population of Japan with the women being slightly more.

Is there more men or women in japan?

men, because more are there to support and work in farming

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