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You need two, or more, curves for points of intersection.

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Q: What are the point of intersection of x is equal to y squared plus 2y?
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What is the point of intersection of the parabolas of y equals 3x squared plus 10x plus 11 and y equals 2 -2x -x squared?

They intersect at the point of: (-3/2, 11/4)

What is 6 squared plus 9 squared?

6 squared plus 9 squared is equal to 117.

What is 25 squared plus 49 squared?

25 squared plus 49 squared is equal to 3,026.

What is 12 squared plus 18 squared?

12 squared plus 18 squared is equal to 468.

What 2 integers squared equal 65?

1 squared plus 8 squared or 4 squared plus 7 squared

What is 3 squared plus 2 squared?

3 squared plus 2 squared is equal to 13.

What does a squared plus a squared equal?

a2 + a2 = 2a2

What is 9 plus 2 squared?

9 plus 2 squared is equal to 13.

What is a statement in geometry that can be proved?

a squared plus b squared is equal to c squared

What is x squared plus 25 if x 5?

If x is equal to 5, then x squared plus 25 is equal to 50.

What does a squared plus b squared equal?

(a+b)(a+b)Also equal to a2+2ab+b2

What is 105 squared plus 8 cubed?

105 squared plus 8 cubed is equal to 11,537.

Do the equations sine plus cosine and sine squared plus cosine squared both equal 1?

No, they do not.

What does 2.4 plus ten squared plus ten squared equal?

It is: 2.4+100+100 = 202.4

What does y squared plus y squared equal?

y4Improved Answer:-y2+y2 = 2y2

What is 12 squared plus 5 squared?

122 + 52 = 169 This is equal to 132.

Is a squared plus b squared the same as a plus b squared?

No. If you expand (a + b)2 you get a2 + 2ab + b2. This is not equal to a2 + b2

What is 6 squared plus 3?

6 squared plus 3 is equal to 39.

Is 7cm 11cm 15cm a right triangle?

No. 7 squared plus 11 squared does not equal 15 squared.

What is a squared plus b squared equal c squared?

It is the formula for Pythagoras' theorem for right angle triangles.

What is 4 squared plus 4 squared plus 4 squared equal?

Assuming the thing is as written and there are no brackets missed out then it is just 4 squared times 3 = 16x3=48.

What is X squared plus x squared equal to?

x2 + x2 = 2x2 2x^2

What is 4x squared plus 1plus x squared plus 3 equal?

4x2 + 1 + x2 + 3 = 5x2 + 4

Explain a squared plus b squared equal c squared?

The hypotenuse of a right angle triangle when squared is equal to the base squared plus the height squared and the formula is usually given as:- a2+b2 = c2 whereas a and b are the base and height respectively and c being the hypotenuse which is the largest side

When the sum of a number plus 3 is squared it is more than the sum of the number plus 2 when squared?

if it is not this . -3<x<-2 < or equal