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If your talking about prime numbers, prime numbers are numbers that are only divisible by one and themselves. Composite numbers are numbers divisible by more than one and itself. Like 3 is prime because it is only divisible by 1 and itself. 6 is composite because it is divisible by 1,2,3, and itself.

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Q: What are the prime?
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Is 169 prime or not prime?

not prime

Is 33 prime or not prime?

It is not a prime.

Are any two prime numbers relatively prime?

Any two prime numbers will be relatively prime. Numbers are relatively prime if they do not have any prime factors in common. Prime numbers have only themselves as prime factors, so all prime numbers are relatively prime to the others.

Do all prime numbers have prime factorization?

There is no need to do prime factorization as prime numbers are already prime.

What is a product of prime factors?

a prime is a primeA prime factorization

Is 47 a prime or composite number?

primeprime47 is prime. It is only evenly divisible by itself and one.A primeprime

How do you write out the prime factorization of a prime number?

The prime number is the prime factorization. For example, the prime factorization of the prime number 3 is 3. Get it?

Is 24 prime or not prime?

Not prime. The only even prime number is 2.

Is it true that prime numbers have to be prime and composite?

No, prime numbers are only prime.

What is the prime factorization of 2?

Prime Factorization of 22 is a prime number, so it does not have a prime factorization.

What is the largest prime number 57?

No, there is no largest prime number. Also 57 is not a prime.No, there is no largest prime number. Also 57 is not a prime.No, there is no largest prime number. Also 57 is not a prime.No, there is no largest prime number. Also 57 is not a prime.

How can you do prime factorization with prime numbers?

There is no need to do prime factorization as prime numbers are already prime. You do not need to find the prime numbers that when multiplied together create the number.

Is 2503 prime or not prime?

2503 is prime.

Is 27 prime or not prime?

27 is not prime

Is Optimus Prime a prime?

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Is 9 a prime factor?

9 is not a prime factor, but it does have one prime factor, which is three. Prime factors are factors of a number that are prime.

How many prime numbers in 100 are relatively prime?

Any prime number is relatively prime to any other prime number.

Is a factor a prime number?

a factor is a factor , a prime number is a prime number, but a prime factor is a factor which is a prime number. it has to depend on what number number. exp 13 is a prime number

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Is 31 a prime composite or square?

31 is a prime number.

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What is 159 as a product of prime factors?

3 (prime) x 53 (prime) = 159 (not prime)

What is the prime factorization for 41 and is it prime?

41 is prime.

who is prime prime 6769788793?

Not sure about "who", but the number is a prime.