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Basic knowledge of addition and subtraction.

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Q: What are the prior skills needed for combining like terms?
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When do you leave the combining O?

"Combining O" is typically contracted to "combining-o" or "combining o" in an informal context. It is used in informal communication, mostly among online communities.

What is combining like terms?

In Math combining like terms is like so if the equation is 4a+4=2a you combined the 4 and the 5 because they are both A

What can you simplify an expression by combining what?

Like Terms and Variables

What does tri mean in math terms?

In any terms it is a combining form meaning 'three'

What is the last step when multiplying binomials?

Combining like terms.

What are the rules for combining like terms?

When combining like terms like 2x+3x we add their coeffitients, for example 2x+3x=(2+3)x=5x

-4x plus 5x combining like terms?

That equals x.

When combining like terms do you add or multiply?

When combining like terms, you could add and multiply. It depends on what the problem is. I am in 6th grade and currently learning algebra. I know that my answer is correct because I already learned this.

Is x and y like terms?

No. For purposes of combining "like terms", you need terms that have exactly the same variables, with the same exponents (if there are any).

Is combining like terms much harder to do when the coefficients and constant terms are not integers?

The answer depends on how fluently you can work with fractions.

How do you simplify by combining like terms?

You add (or subtract) like terms. This will reduce the number of terms in the expression and that is the extent of simplification that you can achieve using this process.

Simplify the expression 3xy plus 5xy by combining as many terms as possible?

There are only the two terms, so 8xy