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That equals x.

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Q: -4x plus 5x combining like terms?
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What does x equal in -5x plus 4x equals -6?

-5x + 4x = -6 Combining like terms: -x = -6 Multiplying by -1 (or switching signs): x = 6

What is -1x -4-4x?

-1x-4-4x= -5x-4so it is -5x-4 -5x - 4this is done by combining like terms.

What is 4x plus 8 plus 5x - 3?

collect like terms and you get 4x + 5x + 8 - 3 ie 9x +5

Combine like terms 3x plus x?

3x + x = 4x

Collect like terms 3xy plus xy-4x plus x?


Is 4x and 4y like terms?

no,, to be like term they must have the same variable,, such as 4x and 9x.. or 1y and 300y...

What is 4y plus 3w plus 4x plus 9y plus 7x-7w?

4y + 3w + 4x + 9y + 7x - 7w (combine like terms)-4w + 11x + 13y

How do you simplify 12x plus 4x plus 25y plus 15y?

Combine like terms, meaning add 12X plus 4X which is 16X and then you add 25Y plus 15Y which equals 40Y so the answer will be 16x+40y. combine like terms means add the ones with the same variable.

Simplify x plus 5 plus 3x - 7 plus 9x plus 3 - 4x?

x+5+3x-7+9x+3-4x Collect like terms: 9x+1

What is 4x plus 8y equals 20 - -4x plus 2y equals -30?

It looks like you have 2 simultaneous equations with 2 variables:4x + 8y = 20 and -4x + 2y = -30. Solution is {x=7, y = -1}.One way to solve:Add the two equations together, combining like terms: (4x - 4x) + (8y + 2y) = 20-30 --> 0 + 10y = -10 --> y = -1. Substitute this into either of the original equations and solve for x=7, then check in the other equation to make sure you calculated correctly.

What is X plus y plus 4x-3x plus 2y plus 3y equal to?

Collecting like terms they are equal to: 2x+6y

What is the answer for adding polynomials 2z plus 3z plus 5z plus 4 plus 6x-2x?

We can simplify this expression by combining the like terms. Here the likes terms are the z's and the x's.2z + 3z + 5z = 10z. (If we have 2 of something and add three of the same thing and then 5 of the same thing we will end up with 10 of that thing).Likewise we can combine the x's.6x - 2x = 4x. (You could think of this as 6x + - 2x if this helps with the idea of "combining".)Therefore we are able to simplify this expression as:2z + 3z + 5z + 4 + 6x - 2x = 10z + 4 + 4x.