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It is: 9.25*102

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Q: What are the quantities in scientific notation of 0925?
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In quantities in scientific notation what is 0.000007?


What are the quantities in scientific notation of 8900000?

It is: 8.9*106

What are the quantities in scientific notation of 0.0000034?

It is: 3.4*10-6

What are the quantities in scientific notation of 00.000000058?

It is: 5.8*10-8

What are the quantities in scientific notation of 0.0000000012?

1.2 × 10-9

What are the mathematical concepts involved in solving scientific notation?

Scientific notation is used when vast quantities of numbers are used such as the distances of faraway planets or in biology when the tiniest of decimals are used.

What is the goal of the scientific notation?

Representation of very large or very small numbers or quantities in a straightforward way.

Why scientific notation useful to scientists?

Scientific notation produces convenient numbers when working with very small or very large quantities.

How do you solve scientific notation in algebra?

Scientific notation is not a puzzle or equation that needs to be "solved". You do not "solve" rational fractions - they are just a way of representing numbers. In the same way, scientific notation is simply one way of representing numbers. It is usually used for very large or very small quantities.

What is the fractional notation for 0925?

I'm assuming you mean 0.925 In that case, 925/1000 or 37/40 in lowest terms

In scientific notation is a scalar called a vector?

Not at all. Scalar are numerical quantities without direction (for example time) where as vectors are numerical quantities with direction (for example gravitational force downward)

Why is the use of scientific notation important to chemistry?

Scientific notation is useful because it helps to read values' significant figures (sigfigs). For example, the number: 6.02^(-10) is much easier to read than .000000000602. When dealing with especially large or small quantities, scientific notation makes it easier to understand how big or small the quantity is.