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Q: What are the relationship between pairs of data values could be examined from a?
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The relationship between pip and his sister?

How could the relationship between Pip and Biddy be described?

How could the relationship between Pip and Biddy be described?


How do you interpret residual values?

The residuals in regression estimation are estimates of error. Most commonly, the errors are assumed to be statistically independent, identically distributed and normally distributed, that is, to have a Gaussian distribution.If these were the assumptions under which the regression was calculated then the residuals could (at least potentially) be examined for any departures from the assumptions. Usually they are plotted against the independent variable to see if there is any systematic relationship between the two sets of values. The residuals might also be tested for normality.It's worth reading more about this subject.

What relationship is there between a waffle and an avocado?

They both are round and you could cut them.

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None of these could represent anything!

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The term relationship refers to the personal interaction between one or more people. This could be a one-on-one interaction, as in a romantic relationship, or a family situation, i.e. the relationship between parents and their children. It could also refer to relationships between friends, which could be different depending on the separate groups of friends involved. It could also refer to the connection between humans and their domestic animals, or to the connection between animals themselves.

What is the relationship between your great niece and your first cousin twice removed?

That could depend on the exact relationship, which is not clear. They could be third cousins, if they share a common Great Great Grandparent. Otherwise there is no relationship.

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There is no actual relationship between the two of you. Anything could happen. At 13 I wouldn't worry about it.

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A committed relationship could simply be an agreement between two people. Marriage is a legally binding arrangement, licensed by the state.

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The relationship, was that slaves were needed to harvest the crops, so the plantation owner could get his profit from them.

A relationship between different kinds of organisms?

This depends on the organisms you are referring to. The relationship could be parasitic, commensual, prey-predator, etc.

Could you tell me the Relationship with reporting manager?

D relationship that exist between an employee nd a reporting manager is a contract of employment.

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