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Q: What are the seeds that scatter by bursting?
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Names of seeds that scatter by bursting sticking on the fur of animal that scatter by wind scaatter by water?


What is an example of a bursting dispersal?

witch hazel and many legumenous pods scatter seeds by brusting.

What is scatter seed?

a scatter seed is a pack of seeds that scatter all over

To plant or scatter seeds?


Who is Henry shrapnel?

The inventor of an artillery shell filled with metal balls and an explosive bursting charge to scatter the balls. These shells and the metal pieces they scatter acquired his name.

How are cleavers dispersed?

They are bursting and scattering seeds.-J.C.

How a plant needs an animals?

to scatter seeds

How do animals scatter seeds?

Animals eat plants and the seeds are not digested. The seeds then get expelled by the animals in their feces.

How seeds are scatter?

By various seed dispersal mechanisms

How do passion fruit seeds move?

passion fruit seeds and pulp are eaten by birds, who then scatter the seeds in their excrement.

What animals scatter seeds?

monkeys, squrrils, birds, bats etc.

A tasty what attracts hungry animals that can help the plant scatter its seeds?