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The symbols used are the numbers 0 to 4. Five is represented by 10, Twenty-five is represented by 100 and Sixty is represented by 220. For more info on the Quinary system (base 5) check the wiki reference below.

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Q: What are the symbols use in a base five numeral system?
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Does the Roman numeral system use a base?

Yes it does it is start at 1 x it by five then x that by 2

Convert the base-ten number to a numeral in the indicated base 2874 to base five Question 5 answers?

Convert the base 10 numeral to a numeral in the base indicated. 503 to base 5

What is the base ten numeral in base five?

There is no simple conversion. For example, 1610 = 315

Which is the base ten numeral for three and forty five thousands?


What is seventy-five hundredths in base ten numeral form?


What is the opposite of a roman numeral?

That would be an Arabic numeral. A Roman numeral is the type of numbering system used in the Roman Empire. V is the numeral five, X is ten. In Arabic numerals, five is 5, ten is 10.

What are the five logistics symbols?

what are the five logistics symbols what are the five logistics symbols

Numeral of five thousand five?


What is 5000 as a numeral form?

five thousand, but you did white as a numeral

How do you write five thousand and five as a numeral?


How did the roman numeral system work?

The roman numeral system is quite easy to figure out. for example, IV is 4, and since you know 1 is I, and V is 5, this simply means that the number is "one before five"

What is the Roman Numeral of five?


What is five as a roman numeral?

The number 5 written as a roman numeral is V.

Change three and five sixths into a mixed numeral?

This already is a mixed numeral.

How is four in the middle of five?

fIVe, the roman numeral for four.

How do you Write the numeral five thousand and thirty five?

It is: 5,035

What is the numeral for five millon three hundred fourteen?

5,000,314 is the numeral representing five million, three hundred and fourteen.

Is 425 a legitimate base 5 numeral?

No, for any base, there is no digit that represents the base, you go to the next higher place. For example, in base-10, there are ten unique digits (0-9) Base 2, there are 2 unique digits: (0-1) So for base five there would be 5 unique digits (0 through 4). To represent a five, in base five would be 105

How do you convert base ten numeral 9 to base five numeral?

9 = 5 + 4 = 1*(5^1) + 4*(5^0)So Decimal(9) = Base5(14).

What is the Roman numeral for five hundred?

The roman numeral D represents the number 500.

What is the numeral for five million eighty five thousand sixty?


In number numeral what is V?

5 (Five)

How do you write a Roman numeral five?


Which number is roman numeral v?


What is the base number of roman numerals?

The system is essentially base 10, since a numeral can always be broken into parts for each power of ten: M CM LX VII 1 9 6 7 It's base is: 10 because it represents the state of an abacus (which has ones and fives for each base ten digit), and agrees with their base ten names for numbers (using hundreds, thousands, and so on). It is not a _positional_ system (which accounts for the lack of a zero) but that does not mean it is not a _base ten_ system. I've somewhere heard it described as a sort of mix of bases five and ten, but I don't think that's really significant. Essentially it is base ten, with combinations of symbols used for each digit.