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They are just "sides." They usually do not have given names, unless you have a right triangle, in which the two shorter sides are called legs and the longest side (side opposite the right angle) is called the hypotenuse.

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Q: What are the three side of triangle?
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What is the name of a three equal side triangle?

it is a equalatiral triangle

How many side does a triangle have?


How many side are there in a triangle?


What is side of triangle?

A 'side' of a triangle is any one of the three straight lines used to draw it.

What is hyphotenus in a right triangle?

It is the longest side of the three sides of the triangle.

What type of triangle has three side with equal measure?

An equalateral triangle

How many side does the equalateral triangle have?

An equalateral triangle has three sides.

What is a triangle having no equal side called?

A scalene triangle is a triangle that has three unequal sides.

What triangle side are all congruent?

An equilateral triangle has three congruent sides.

How many sides does a triangle have in its base?

A triangle has three sides in total. If it has more than three sides, it is not a triangle. One of the three sides is called the 'base' ... usually the side that the triangle is resting on.

how many size those a triangle have?

Every triangle has three sides and three angles

What is SSS mean in comparing triangles?

Side Side Side when comparing two triangles the side side side postulate states that if three sides from one triangle are congruent to three sides on another triangle the triangles are conguent