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plasticene, liquids and food

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Q: What are the three things that you can change the shape of with hands?
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What three things would you change about the constitution preamble?

what are three things you will change in the preamble

How do you change density?

To change density there are three ways. You can change the shape, mass or volume of the object

What are three things that can improve areodynamics?

stiffness shape and speed

What three things occur during final maturation?

The sperms head and acrosome change shape slightly and sperm loses cytoplasm and becomes somewhat smaller.

What are three forces in Science?

Three forces in Science are :gravity,magnetic, ANDfriction.

What are three things that shape the surface of the earth?

Tectonic plates movement, erosion by wind and water, and volcanic activity are three main factors that shape the surface of the Earth.

What is it called when there is a change in the three-dimensional shape of a protein?

It is called "Denaturing" of proteins.

What are three major forces that change the shape of a shoreline?

Water, wind, people

What is the term used for a change in a protein's three dimensional shape or confirmation due to disruption oh hydrogen bonds disulfide bridges or ionic bonds?

The change in a proteins' three dimensional shape or conformation is called denaturation.

Does a solid have a definite shape?

yes, a solid such as the marble, does not change its shape and does not take the shape of its container.Yes a solid will have a three dimensional shape ie length, breadth and height.

When describing distribution what three things should be mention?

Shape, center, and spread. Source: Textbook

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