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Ways on how to present data:

1. Textual

2. Tabular

3. Graphical

Now search for the branches under those topics!

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Q: What are the three ways of presenting data in statistics?
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3 ways of presenting data in statistics?

ways of presenting data in statistics

What are the ways or forms of presenting data in statistics?

Pie Charts Frequency Histograms Frequency Polygons Ogives Boxplots

What are ways of presenting experimental data?

wat are the two ways of presenting experimental data

What are the ways of presenting data?

Chart And Graph... :D

Give ways of presenting data collected?

give 2 ways of presenting data

Definition of graphical presentation in statistics?

It is simply the presentation of information in a visual form. There are very many ways of presenting different aspects of data.

What 2 ways of presenting experimental data?

Chart, graph.

What are the two ways of presenting a data?

There are numerous ways of presenting data. But if you have to narrow it two alternatives, I can only assume that they would be written and visually. A properly prepared scientific report uses both a written section describing the data in word form and also various tables and possibly diagrams to visually describe the data.

What are the two ways of presenting data?

Tables and Graphs. Audio-visual is just one way.

What are the three ways of presenting data?

This sounds like a homework question, since there ways of answering a question can be categorized in many, many different ways. Look in your textbook or class notes. My Answer: Test Your Hyothesis Analyze Results Draw Conclusions

Three different ways to record a summarized data?

name three ways to record four summarize data

What is the one way of presenting data?

There is no one way of presenting data. There are good ways and there are bad ways. You must consider the nature of the data to decide the best way of presenting it. Consider that the famous nurse Florence Nightingale is credited with the first use of "pie charts" to illustrate medical data to non-medical persons. Human beings are very "visual" in nature, so choose the way of presenting data that gives the best impression of the principle you are trying to convey. Pie charts are best for presenting percentages, while line graphs are best for presenting trends, while raw numerical data may be best presented in a table with one quantity ascending/descending in value in the leftmost column. If using computer software such as Excel to present data, you will find a number of choices available in the Chart Wizard which allow you to provide the best visualization.