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2.4 and 1.5 would do it.

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Q: What are the two decimal numbers if when you times them it equals 3.6?
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How do you times decimal numbers?

First 89.9 57.3 multiple it them then skip two lines and that equals

Two times a number plus three times another number equals 13 the sum of the two numbers is 7 what are the numbers?


What two numbers times what equal 270?

5 times 54 equals 270

What is 4.2 85.37?

It is the decimal representation of two numbers.It is the decimal representation of two numbers.It is the decimal representation of two numbers.It is the decimal representation of two numbers.

Explain the process of multiplying two decimal numbers together?

To times two decimal numbers together you take the sum, lets say.... 0.4 x 0.37 First you times the numbers without the decimals so this would be 4 x 37 Which equals 148 so now you have the answer, count how many numbers are after the decimal points in the actual oringinal problem. This prblem has 3 decimal places. so you move the decimal point from the end of the number 148 3 spots to the left so the answer is 0.148 the whole thing will look like this 0.4 x 0.37 = 0.148 Hope this helps :)

What two numbers multiply to 10?

2 times 5 equals 10!

What two numbers multiply to get 600?

6 times 100 equals 600.

What are two ways in which whole numbers and decimal numbers are different?

Whole numbers are a proper subset of decimal numbers. All whole numbers are decimal numbers but not all decimal numbers are whole numbers.

What two numbers equal 16?

eight times two equals 16

What times what equals 70 but when you add them it equals 30?


What two decimal numbers less then1 can you times to make 0.1?

0.5 * 0.2 = 0.1

What is an decimal?

a decimal is a point between two numbers

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