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They are 16 and 9

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Q: What are the two square numbers when subtracted gives 7?
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Related questions

What two square numbers subtracted add up to 9?

5 and 4

Which two square numbers subtracted make 35?

They are: 36-1 = 35

What two square numbers when subtracted make 9?

They are 25 minus 16 = 9

What two square numbers when subtracted make 40?

7 squared and 3 squared. 49 - 9 = 40

What two square numbers when subtracted make 33?

289 - 256 = 33

What two prime numbers gives you 75 and when subtracted gives you 19?

None of this works. There aren't two prime numbers that multiply to 75 and the only two that add to it are 73 and 2. There aren't two prime numbers whose difference is 19. Two numbers that satisfy those conditions are 47 and 28, but 28 isn't prime.

What is 60x110 in square feet?

All you have to do is multiply the two numbers. That gives you 6,600 square feet.

What two numbers equal 35 and when subtracted equal 15?


When two numbers are subtracted what is the answer called?

the " difference ".

What two numbers that when multiplied equal 100 and when subtracted equal 40?


What two numbers that when multiplied equal 63 and when subtracted equal 20.?


If a number is subtracted from the square the result is 2?

The number is two

When 2 numbers are added it is 34 when the two numbers are subtracted it is 10. What is the number?

22 and 12

The result when two numbers are subtracted?

the difference

What two numbers when added together equal 100 but when subtracted equal 11?

The numbers are 55.5 and 44.5

What two numbers when multiplied result in 448 and when subtracted result to 1?


How many Square feet is 28 x 40?

Multiply the two numbers together gives you the square feet. In this case the answer is 1,120.

Two whole numbers than when subtracted give you ten?

20 and 10.

If a number is subtracted from its square the result is two Find the number?

2 or -1

What is the result of two numbers being subtracted?

If you are asking what the result is called, there are two terms for it: difference, and remainder.

What two things add to 150 but when the two numbers are subtracted equals 120?


Is the difference of two rational numbers always rational?

Yes. This is the same as asking for one rational number to be subtracted from another; to do this each rational number is made into an equivalent rational number so that the two rational numbers have the same denominator, and then the numerators are subtracted which gives a rational number which may possibly be simplified.

What two numbers equal a negative 364 when multiplied but also equal a positive 12 when subtracted?

The numbers are 26 and -14

Two numbers are in the ratio 3 to 4 If 9 is subtracted from each they are in a ratio of 3 to 5 Find the numbers?


When you subtract one square number from another square number the answer is 9 what are the two numbers?

The number subtracted is 16 (42). The other square number is 25 (52). *If you include zero, the pair 9 (32) and 0 (02) also fits the equation.