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The four units that distance can be measured in are . . .

  1. inches
  2. meters
  3. yards
  4. kilometers
  5. miles
  6. centimeters
  7. feet
  8. parsecs
  9. millimeters
  10. furlongs
  11. astronomical units
  12. nanometers
  13. Smoots
  14. leagues
  15. light years

There are also some others.

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Q: What are the units the distance can be measured in?
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What are the 4 units that distance can be measured in?

The four units that distance can be measured in are . . .inchesmetersyardskilometersmilescentimetersfeetparsecsmillimetersfurlongsastronomical unitsnanometersSmootsleagueslight yearsThere are also some others.

Displacement is measured in?

units of length or distance

Is length the distance measured in units?

Yes, it is.

If the 1st 2nd and 3rd dimensions can be measured in distance units can the 4th dimension or time be measured using the same units?

No - because time is measured in seconds, not linear distance.

Star distance measured by what?

Stars are measured in units called light-years

The distance between the planets are measured in?

astronomical units

Can distance from house to school be measured in square miles?

If the units are miles squared, then that gives area. Distance is measured in miles.

What are the SI units for length and temperature?

Length or distance is measured in metres; temperature is measured in Kelvin.

What is the distance of the sun called?

I think you mean the distance from the Earth to the Sun. This distance is measured in Astronomical Units (AU)

Wavelength is measured in what unit?

Wavelength is measured in units of distance millimeters, micrometers, nanometers, and meters. The frequency of wavelengths is measured in hertz.

What is unit distance?

Distance in measured in units of length.Short distances can be measured in feet, yards or metres.Longer distances would be measured in miles or kilometres.Very large distances in the universe would be measured in light years.

What is measured in inches meters centimeters kilometers and many more units?

Those are all units of length or distance.

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