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answer:-to draw vetical and inclined lines

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Q: What are the uses of a set square in engineering drawing?
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Technical drawing instruments and their uses?

Instrument Ruller, Rubber, set square, T Square, Drawing Table, Compass, etc.

Why set suare?

A set square is a tool for marking angles in engineering and technical drawing, etc. They come in different angles and may be adjustable.

Notes on Uses of a set square in geometry?

A set square is used in geometry to draw parallel lines. It is also used to make sure that angles are drawn correctly. There are grooves in the set square where a pencil can be inserted to draw a line. There is also a hinge that allows for moving the two pieces of the set square to the proper angle before drawing.

What is the use of a 60 degree set square?

for drawing inclined lines

What is a Set square used for?

Set squares are useful for drawing parallel lines and perpendicular lines.

What is the name for the Right angled instrument used for technical drawing?

Set square

What are the common drawing instruments?

The common drawing instruments are mechanical pencil, ruler, drafter, set of square, curves, drawing board, board clips, and it goes on............

What are the purpose of T-square?

Used for drawing horizontal lines. To support set squares when drawing vertical line and inclined lines.

Why is engineering drawing considered the graphical language of engineers?

An engineering drawing, that is, a technical drawing or set of schematics that follow international standards of commonly recognized de-facto rules can be understood without language, and with a minimum amount of words written on the drawing. The drawing conveys a lot of information that would be error prone and ambiguous when conveyed through human language.

How would one define what a set square is?

A try square is a metal ruler which is attached at right angles to another piece of metal, which looks like a triangle and is often used for drawing angles. A set square is a try square with an adjustable slide.

What is the function of the set square?

It's primarily a template for drawing lines at accurate right-angles and other angles to a line, usually 30º / 60º and 45º for standard set-squares. It's also used for drawing parallel lines. Adjustable set-squares allow you to set off other angles.

What is a geometic drawing that uses a limites set of tools usually a compass and a straightedge?

A circle and perpendicular lines can be constructed using the given tools.

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