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Q: What are three different ways people receive and process information?
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How do you receive and clarify own understanding of information?

How each individual receives and processes information is a different process for everyone. Some people clarify by asking more questions, some prefer to receive it in writing, or verbally, or even with pictures.

Who processed Scott Peterson in prison?

There are different people that process new prisioners but I have found no way to access that empolyee information.

Most information that people receive comes from .?

mass media

Where does most information that people receive comes from?

Most information that people receive come from mass media. In the last couple of years, studies have shown that most people now get the majority of their news from social media.

What sensory response?

That is a good question! All the information that your brain receive from your sensory organs is called as sensory information. You have your nose, your eyes, your ears, your tongue and you skin to give you sensory information. Your brain finds it difficult to process the information out side this range. Very few people like Sir Issac Newton and Albert Einstein could process the information, out side this range. They became the greatest scientists of all time.

Are there individual and group differences in the way people process information?


What are the use of TV?

Television allows for people to receive a great source of information and entertainment.

What are 4 steps to a briefing process?

The briefing process is centered around conveying information to people, so that they are informed.

What are the main features of system information?

Data The source of the information People people who use the information and who modifiy the information and input etc Hardware + Software Where the information is stored + Where the is used Communications Information is sent and received to different people

What does the better business bureau do?

The Better Business Bureau (Or BBB for short) is an organization that collects information from people about businesses. The information that they receive generally is regarding complaints and reliability. Based on the information they receive, they give the companies a letter grade. An A, obviously, is considered the best rating.

What is the fourth interrelated component of internal control?

Information and communication that identify and process information which enable people to carry out responsibilities.

Different people use information differently. Do you agree?