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Q: What are three different ways to borrow data from your sources?
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which of the following is an example of synthesizing?

Using data from a number of sources to come to a conclusion.

What is the one purposes of cicle graph?

To compare data from different sources.

List three of the sources of weather data?

i really dont know

What does data consolidation mean exactly?

Data consolidation means that you take data from various different sources and in different forms and make a summary of that in the form of one entity. You are consolidating data into x.

What are some sources of data?

some sources of data are information

Three different ways to record a summarized data?

name three ways to record four summarize data

Why do scientists define systems?

it minimizes sources of bias in the data

What is a data source?

a process of collecting information on a certain topic from different kind of media sources

What is data binding in java?

Data binding is basically a technique for binding two data/information sources together and maintaining a synchronization of data.You usually achieve this with two data/information sources with different languages as in XML data binding or in fact using Java, Java UI elements to Java objects.

What are two sources of data?

Simple, Primary and Secondary Data

What are the 3 classification of sources of information?

The three classifications of sources of information are primary sources, secondary sources, and tertiary sources. Primary sources offer firsthand accounts or original data, secondary sources analyze and interpret primary sources, and tertiary sources provide summaries and overviews of information from primary and secondary sources.

What are the different headlight bulbs on a 2008 Cadillac data?

Assuming you mean 2008 Cadillac DTS (not data), see sources and related links below.