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7/14, 4/8, 3/6

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Q: What are three fractions with different denominators that are equal toone half?
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Write three fractions with different denominators that are equal to a half?

2/4 9/18 396/792

How do you add three fractions without the same denominators?

When you want to add fractions that have different denominators, you have to convert them into fractions that do have the same denominators. So for example, how much is a half plus a third? Both of these can be converted into sixths, so one half equals three sixths, and one third equals two sixths. Three sixths plus two sixths equals five sixths. That's the answer. If you have three fractions with different denominators, the procedure is the same. Convert all three into fractions with the same denominators, then add them.

What is three eighths plus one fourth?

The denominators are different, so find the equivalent fractions using the LCD , then add the fractions with the denominators.

WHAT ARE three different simplified fractions that have different denominators and that add up to 1?

one half, one third, and one sixth

What are three different improper fractions that equal four and one and a half?


How do you add three fractions with unlike denominators?

-- Find a common denominator. (It will be a number of which all three denominators are factors. The best choice is their least common multiple.) -- Change the fractions to their equivalents with the common denominator. -- Then add their numerators to get the numerator of their sum.

What fractions are equal to three fourth?

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What is the common denominator of 6 8 10?

Least number is 120 if the three numbers are the denominators of fractions

How do you order factions from smallest to biggest?

get the common dinominators and do what u did to the denominator to the numerator!. ex: if I had three fractions with different denominators then I would multiply the denominators till they are the same number then with the number I multiplied with on the bottom I would multiply on to the top!

How many combinations of fractions can you add together to equal three fourths?

An infinite number of combinations of fractions can be aded together to equal three fourths.

What three fractions are equal to 7 over 8?

3/8 + 3/8 + 1/8=7/8 When each of the denominators are the same there is no need to change them and the numerators are simply added.

Are the fractions three fourths and two thirds equal?


What are an equal fractions to three tenths?


How do you add three fractions?

Providing all the denominators are the same just add together the numerators otherwise find the lowest common denominator and alter the fractions accordingly

What does 3 equal in fractions?

Three in fraction form is three over one.

What are two unlike denominators that equal three fourteenths?

6/28, and 9/42

How do you find a equivalent fraction?

Equivalent fractions must have equal denominators, and this is done by setting the denominators of both fractions to their smallest common multiple. So, say a person wants to compare two thirds and one half, they would set both denominators to six. Two thirds would become four sixths and one half would become three sixths. Thus, two thirds is bigger than one half.

Three fractions equal to 75 percent percent?

75% is equal to 3/4

What are three different equivalent fractions for 0.75?

75/100, 3/4, and 8/12 are three different equivalent fractions of 0.75

What three different improper fractions that equal 4 2 over 3?

14/3, 28/6, 42/9

What fractions are equal to thirty three and one third?


What are three fractions are equal to 0.15?

15/1003/2045/300are all equal to 0.15.

Fractions that have the same value are called what?

Fractions of the same value but with different values are called equivalent fractions. For example, 3/4 (three quarters) and 6/8 (six eighths) are both equal to 0.75, and are therefore equivalent fractions. Hope this helps >.<

How do you compare fractions in three different forms?


Is three fours equal to nine twevles in fractions?

Three fours (12) is not equal to nine twelves (108). However, three over four (3/4) is equal to nine over twelve (9/12) which are known as equivalent fractions to each other.