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1.1 to infinity

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A polynomial of degree zero is a constant term

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The sum or difference of p and q is the of the x-term in the trinomial

A number a power of a variable or a product of the two is a monomial while a polynomial is the of monomials

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Q: What are twenty numbers bigger than one?
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Is the greatest common factor between two numbers ever bigger then both numbers?

No, it is never bigger than the smaller one.

Is there number bigger than googol?

Yes, there are an infinite number of numbers bigger than a googol. A googolplex is one example.

What are bigger numbers than a triaconttillion?

triacontillion and one, Googol, Googolplex

Which is bigger 120 000 or 1 million?

One million is bigger than one hundred and twenty thousand. 1 000 000 > 120 000

What is three twenty fiths as a mixed number?

It can't be one. Mixed numbers are greater than one.

Is a megabyte bigger than a KB?

Yes. A megabyte is one thousand and twenty-four kilobytes (kb).

Is there some numbers bigger than 1 trillion?

Yes there ar bigger numbers than one trillion. Numbers go on forever and ever. And that's what infinity means, the number nevers stops but keeps on going.

When can one third be bigger than one half?

When it represents a fraction of something, rather than absolute numbers. 1/3 of a pound is bigger than 1/2 of an ounce, for example.

Are repeating numbers bigger than non repeating numbers?

It kind of depends. for example, if you had 19.999999999 and that went on forever, then you had 19.99 that stopped then the repeating one would be bigger, however if you had 19.9900000000 instead of 19.99, then the repeating one is not bigger.

Is seventeen over twenty one bigger than one half?

10.5/21 would be one half. So, 17/21 would be greater than one half.

Is five eighths bigger than ten twelves?

Nowhere near. Five eighths is less than one whereas ten twelves is one hundred twenty.

Is thirteen twenty-fourths bigger or smaller than one half?

smaller because one half would be 50.0 and that is only 13.24

List all prime numbers between ten and twenty?

list the prime numbers between one and twenty

Are there numbers bigger than one million?

Yes. Some examples include one billion, one trillion, and one quadrillion.

Why Excluding the bulls-eyes how many numbers are on the dart board?

Excluding the bulls-eyes, the numbers are one through to twenty (twenty numbers in total).

Is one twelfth bigger than one eighth?


How many numbers can go into 50?

All numbers that are bigger than zero and smaller than 50 can go into 50 at least one time. There are an infinite number of them.

Is negative 3 less than negative 4?

no For the negative numbers the biggest is the one closer to 0 so -3 is bigger than -4 and -2 is bigger than -3 and so on

How do you write one thousand and twenty?

1020 in numbers

What is bigger 2.316 1.28?

In decimal numbers the whole number re on the left side of the decimal point. So the whole numbers are 2 and 1. 2 is always bigger than one

What is one thousand one hundred twenty five in numbers?


What is one hundred and two thousand and twenty one in numbers?


Which is bigger twenty six hundredths or one quarter?

One quarter equals 25/100. Therefore, 26/100 is bigger.

What is one one hundred twenty-fifths as a decimal?

One hundred twenty-fifth as a decimal is 100.25 in numbers. This is used in math.

Is 3.336 greater than 3.34?

no. the larger number in the hundredths place is 4, therefore since that is bigger, 3.34 is bigger look from left to right and keep checking which number is bigger across the numbers till you find one that is bigger than the other