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If the "comparison symbol" is the equal sign, it is called an "equation". If the symbol is less than, greater than, less-than-or-equal, or greater-than-or-equal, it's called an "inequality".

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Q: What are two expressions with comparison symbols called?
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What is a comparison of two numbers or expressions using symbols?

Depending on the comparison operator used, that's either an equation, or an inequality.

What is a comparison of two expressions that are not equal?

an inequality

What entry of the IF function is made up of two expressions and a comparison operator?

The condition.

What is mathematical sentence?

A mathematical sentence consists of combined expressions using a comparison operator. It also creates a relationship between two expressions to create facts.

What is a comparison of two unlike things called?

The comparison of two objects that are unlike each other is called a:

What is a statement that equates two equivalent expressions?

A statement that equates two equivalent expressions is called an Identity.

A comparison of two quantities?

A comparison of two quantities, often written as a fraction is called a ratio.

A statement in which two expressions are equal is called?

An equation.

What is a statement called in which two expressions are equal?

An equation.

States that two expressions are equivalent is called what?


A mathematical statment that two expressions are eaqual are called?

An equality.

What is 13n7n 24?

Two expressions. Two expressions. Two expressions. Two expressions.

What is the comparison of two numbers called?

A ratio.

What is the answer to 9x2 3x squared?

Unfortunately, limitations of the browser used by means that we cannot see most symbols. It is therefore impossible to give a proper answer to your question. Please resubmit your question spelling out the symbols as "plus", "minus", "times", "equals". There is equation (or inequality in the question, only two expressions. It is not possible to solve expressions.

Two radical expressions with the same degree and the same are called like terms?


What are the expressions in conducting a club meeting?

"The meeting will come to order" and "The meeting is adjourned" are just two of many expressions called by the presiding officer.

When a symbol such as less than or greater than is placed between two expressions what is it called?

its called an inequality

What are the two algebraic expressions set equal to each other called?

An equation

What is a mathematical sentence showing two expressions are equal called?

what is the meaning of accurte

What is 3x 2y 8?

It is a set of three expressions , two variable and one constant. There are no operations defined for them, not any symbols of equality or inequality.

What are the differences and similaries between expressions and equations?

An expression is any combination of symbols that can be evaluated to a number (or perhaps to some other data type). An equation has an equal sign, and an expression on both sides of the equal sign - it is a claim that the two expressions are equal.

What is one or two letters that stand for the name of an element is called?

there called symbols

Two radical expressions with the same degree and the same what are called like terms?


Write two expressions where the solution is 41?


What is any mathematical statement that declares the values of two mathematical expressions to be equal?

That is called an equation. An equation has an equal sign (=), and expressions on both sides of the equal sign.