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Their are Constitutional Republics (The US is one) and Monarchy Republics (The UK is one).

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Does ancient rome have anything in common with America?

Yes, they were/are both republics. That's where the similarity ends. Many people try to read identity into the two countries, but there is none. The two republics functioned differently and represent different forms of republican government.

Western European countries have what form of government?

There are two forms of government found in Western Europe, both of which are variants of democracy: republics and constitutional monarchies.

What two countries were once Czechoslovakia?

Czech and Slovak Republics.

What form of government did many countries adopt after the war?

Most countries adopted forms of Representative Democracies, or Republics.

When is the u in union capitalized?

At the beginning of the sentence and when it forms part of the proper noun. Example: Republics of the Soviet Union

What two modern countries were joined as Czechoslovakia?

Czech and Slovak Republics.

How many miles between Nepal and cChina?

these two republics are actually bordering

Which middle east country was created by the union of two republics in 1990?


Czechoslovakia ceased to exist and become two independent countries what are they?

Czech and Slovak Republics.

What two political parties have been in power the longest in the history of the US?

democrates and republics

How many parties are there in the US election?

two parties 1. Democrats 2. Republics

What were two other names for the Soviet Union?

The proper name was the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics- or USSR. While some people used the name Russia, Russia was one of the Republics.

How many republics former USSR had?

it had 15 principal republics.

What countries make up the transcaucasian republics and the Central Asian republics?

Central Asian Republics: Kazakhstan Kyrgyzstan Tajikistan Turkmenistan Uzbekistan the transcuacasian republics: Armenia Azerbaijan Georgia

Two problems that afflicted Russia and the other new republics since the breakup of the Soviet Union?

There were two problems that afflicted Russia and the other republics after the fall of the Soviet Union. The first problem was environmental issues, and the second problem was the demographics of the region.

What are two forms of radiation?

The two forms are electromagnetic radiation and mechanical.

What are two forms of drama?

The two forms of drama are tragedy and comedy.

The Baltic republics consist of which countries and which is the largest?

Lithuania is the biggest and the other two are Latvia and Estonia.

What country was reunited in 1990 after being divided for 45 years into two separate republics?


What country was reunited in 1990 after being divided for 45 years into two seperate republics?


Which two republics did the boers establish as a result of the great trek?

Transvaal and the Orange Free State

What is the largest of the Soviet Socialist Republics?

Russia was by far the largest of the republics.

What are the two forms in which a ledger is maintained?

what are the two forms of ledger is maintained in accountancy

Describe the two forms of symmetry of the eumetazoa?

Radial and bilateral are the two forms.

Are endocytosis and exocytosis two forms of passive transport?

Endocytosis and exocytosis are two forms of active transport. Diffusion and osmosis are two forms of passive transport.