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Q: What are two lines of cube called that do not touch?
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What angle is called where the two lines all most touch but they don't?

If the lines almost touch but they don't then there is no angle. There is no name for an angle that does not exist.

Which imaginary lines never touch lines of latitude or lines of longitude?

Meridians of longitude all meet at the north and south poles. Lines of latitude are called 'parallels', because no two of them ever touch.

Do latitude lines touch?

No two latitude lines touch each other anywhere. That's why they're often called "parallels". However, every latitude does touch every longitude.

What are two lines in math?

Two lines in math are called parallel lines. They never intersect or cross over each other. Therefore they are like train tracks that never touch.

What is the name of two lines that don't touch?

perpendicularPerpendicular? where did you learn to count?!PARALLEL LINES DO NOT TOUCH.

What has parallel lines?

two lines that do not touch each other

How you check if two lines are parall?

Parallel is lines that never touch so if the lines never touch it is parallel but if so then it is perpendicular.

What is the vertex of a cube?

A vertex is defined as the place where two or more straight lines meet. A cube has eight vertices, which are the corners of the cube.

If two lines are coplanar then they must touch?

No. If they are parallel (but not identical), they will not touch.

What is the definition for parallel lines?

two lines that never intersect or touch.

Can two intersecting lines be parallel?

no. parallel lines never touch.

How do you determine edges in a cube?

They are the straight "lines" where two faces meet.

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