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10 x (-12) = -120

10 + (-12) = -2

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Q: What are two number that equal negitve120 and add up to negative 2?
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Related questions

Does a positive number add a positive number equal and negative or positive?

It will always be a positive number.

What 2 numbers when added equal -30?


What 2 number multiply to equal negative 180 and also add to equal 11?

-9 and 20.

When you add a positive and a neagitive number what is it going to equal to?

It will be a number either negative, zero or positive, depending on what the two numbers you add are.

Why is an odd number minus an odd number equal a even number?

The negative number (-x) is first entered, then the rest. -x -(-y) When you subtract a negative, the minus and the negative cancel out, meaning you add.

Does a negative number plus a positive number equal a positive or a negative number?

It can be positive, negative, or zero, depending what numbers you add. for example, -5 + 3=-2 but -3 +5=+2

If you add a negative and a negative it equals?

Adding a negative number to a negative number makes a larger negative. In order to solve this you add the numbers together as a positive then add a negative sign.

If you add a positive and a negative number how can you tell whether the answer will be positive negative or equal?

If the negative number is bigger then the answer will be negative If the bigger number is positive then the answer will be positive. All you do is subtract the two numbers and take the sign of the bigger number Ex (+2)+(-7)=(-5)

What does a positive plus a negative equal?

subtract the small number from big number (without signs) and then add the sign of the larger number to the difference

If you add a negative number and another negative number together the sum is?


What two numbers multiply to equal 24 and add to negative 4?


Is a negative number add a negative number a positive or negative answer?

Adding two negative numbers always gives a negative number.

If you add a negative and a negative what you get?

You get a positive Number answer.

When you add a negative number by a negative number do you get a negative or positive number?

You get a positive number because a negative number reverses the other negative so it becomes a positive number.

How do you add a negative number with a negative number?

When you add a negative number, the one on the right side gets cancelled out. E.g. -3x + - 3x = -3x

Does 2 negatives equal a positive?

No 2 negatives do not equal a positive because for example. : -2 + -2 = -4. You can see that when you add these 2 negative numbers right here they equal to another negative number.

What 2 numbers multiply to equal negative four and also add to equal negative seven?

They are about: 0.53112887 and -7.53112887

What two numbers do you add to get 0 and multiply to get 80?


What is the sign of the answer when an add odd number of negative number are multiplied?

The product of an odd number of negative numbers will be negative.

When you add a positive number by a negative number will it be negative or positive?

That depends on the values of the given numbers but a positive number multiplied by a negative number will be negative

When you add numbers that have different signs will you always get a negative number?

No. When you add a positive and negative number, the bigger one determines the sign of the result. For example, when you add -5 and 3, the result will be negative because the negative number is larger. When you add -4 and 6, the result will be positive because the positive number is larger.

What happends when you add a positive number to a smaller negative number?

you get more negative

What are the rules for adding positive and negative numbers?

If you are adding a positive number, then this is the same as normal addition. For instance, 4 add positive 5 is 9. negative 1 add positive 8 is 7. If you are adding a negative number, then this is the same as subtracting that number. For instance 6 add negative 1 is 5. negative 7 add negative 2 is negative 9.

What negative numbers add together to get negative 18 and multiply to get negative 63?


How do you add negative integers without using the number line?

if they are both negative, add like they are positive numbers, but just add the negative sign.