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Adding a negative number to a negative number makes a larger negative. In order to solve this you add the numbers together as a positive then add a negative sign.

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2011-05-16 20:57:53
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Q: If you add a negative and a negative it equals?
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Explain in your own words how we add numbers with different signs?

Positive plus positive equals positive. Negative plus negative equals negative. Positive greater than negative equals positive. Negative greater than positive equals negative.

What number when you add equals 10 but when you multiply equals a negative 200?


Negative plus negative equals what?

A negative plus a negative equals a negative.

What is n negative 3 equals negative 8?

n - 3 = 8 (add three to both sides) n = 11

What times what equals negative 18 they add to get positive 3?


Negative times a positive equals?

positive times negative equals negative. positive times positive equals positive. negative times negative equals positive

What is the answer to -5 plus a equals 21?

26, in that situation just add the negative number to the answer to find the variable

Do you add the positive and negative to get the neutral?

When it comes to numbers (this question was asked in the "Math and Arithmetic" category), adding a negative number to a positive number always equals a negative number.

What two numbers add together to make -15?

Well there are quite a few numbers that added together will equal negative 15: here are just a few examples: negative 1 plus negative 14 equals negative 15 (-1 + -14 = -15) negative 2 plus negative 13 equals negative 15 (-2 + -13 = -15) negative 3 plus negative 12 equals negative 15 (-3 + -12 = -15) negative 4 plus negative 11 equals negative 15 (-4 + -11 = -15) negative 5 plus negative 10 equals negative 15 (-5 + -10 = -15) negative 6 plus negative 9 equals negative 15 (-6 + -9 = -15) negative 7 plus negative 8 equals negative 15 (-7 + -8 = -15) negative 30 plus positive 15 equals negative 15 (-30 + 15 = -15) negative 29 plus positive 14 equals negative 15 (-29 + 14 = -15) negative 28 plus positive 13 equals negative 15 (-28 + 13 = -15) and on an on it goes.

What times what equals 30 and also equals negative 11?

Five times six equals thirty. Negative five plus negative six equals negative 11.

What are the negative and positive rules in math?

A negative times a negative equals a positive A negative times a positive equals a negative A positive times a positive equals a positive

Negative added to a negative equals?


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